PLZ fast help!!! which phone should i get ? I am without phone now


plz plz I need fast help
which phone should I get ( i need fast phone with fast wifi with almost no lags )
sony Xperia Z or HTC one X
I was planning tp get note 2 but i think its processor is not as fast as these to phones. right ?
and if you have any better choices plz suggest
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Xperia Z has more pixels per inch (ppi) than the Note 2.
It has a higher megapixel camera.
The Xperia has a 1.5GHz quad core Snapdragon S4 processor compared to the Note 2's 1.6GHz Exynos processor.
The Note 2 probably has the better battery life.


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The One X is last year's phone - do you mean the One?

Honestly, I expect all 3 will have enough speed for most purposes. The Note 3 is due in a few months, but that sounds like it's too late for you.


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HTC One every time. I've got a year till I can get an upgrade :frown:
But that's what I'll have (Unless there's something WAY better by then).


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All three will perform almost identically in real-life usage; you're far better focusing on which handset meets your needs in terms of features. They are three very different devices, each with their own unique selling points.


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are you on contract or prepaid? What carrier and what location?
It is sort of like real estate, location is the first three factors, with towers/coverage factored in. If i had to go contract, then htc one. I have unlocked pantech burst and flex on prepaid att/lte. Also have htc one and samsung victory lte on prepaid sprint networks. i have two phones active and two spares. Lot more flexibility on prepaid instead of contract prison.


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no I mean ONE X or ONE X+ ( almost the same )
so my question is which one is faster ONE X ( tegra 3 ) or Sony xperia Z (Snapdragon S4) or Note 2 ( Exynos 4 )


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The Xperia Z and Note 2 are better than the One X. As for faster, between those two there won't be any difference to matter. The app themselves and how well they are optimized for the specific hardware would dictate how each app would perform. Some apps will perform better on the Note2, and some on the Xperia Z.