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plz help me guys

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by d07a2010, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. d07a2010

    d07a2010 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i've bought se live with walkman w19i for 2 days and facing 2 problems on it
    i want to use my phone as modem so that can surf the internet on my lap by 3g
    (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps), but i searched in google and can't find anything helping me and don't need tethering internet option or wifi hotspots feature but i want to share my 3g connection as a modem to my laptop but pc companion doesn't have any modem driver installed and can't use sony pc suite also.so plz help me.
    i finally found a program (BlueDun 1.14) that's not exact i need but it can satisfy me now but this program connected successfully as wifi and shared to mylaptop but can't connect with 3g coverage H that thing exact i want it .
    when i using this program as wifi it install a new modem (bluetooth dun modem) on my laptop that exact i need but with usb cable and 3g not wifi that's my 1st problem.
    My 2nd one is when i connect to 3g it cuts in browsing and some more application can't start on 3g and tells me there's no intenrnet connection found so my question is that Is there a program to prevent cut or disconnecting automatic continuous and make smoothly connection to all applications on my phone (LAN Card)???...thanks and sorry for my bad english as i'm egyptian.

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    HSRBNR Newbie

    :D I got a solution to your problem 1:

    Follow :

    1. Turn on 3G/2G data on your phone

    2. Connect your phone to your laptop via USB

    3. On your phone : Go to Settings>Wireless & networks>Tethering & portable hotspot>

    4. Check mark USB tethering

    5. Your PC will automatically install necessary drivers and tethering will begin !

    (I myself tested this method and it worked!)

    (NOTE:You may need internet connection from other sources while installing drivers)

    As far as 2nd problem is concerned, try reporting it to SONY service center.

    And yes, your English is not that bad!
  3. d07a2010

    d07a2010 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thank you for replying 2 fast and i've just try your solution before and tried it now and print screen to you the problem is that when tetherning successful connected i can surf internet over mobile but on lap the ping is requested timed out when browsing and unreachable when stop browsing, hope u find solution pro,thanxxx again.

    HSRBNR Newbie


    Probably, you will have to get that driver manually as you are windows XP user. I got the driver automatically because i use windows 7.

    Unfortunately I got no solution other than to get that driver manually.

    Check out sony xperia forums:
    Main: Community: Sony Xperia? support forum
  5. d07a2010

    d07a2010 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks for ur reply again
    but i've win 7 x64 also the problem persists on it plz i want from professionals to reply me
  6. d07a2010

    d07a2010 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks i get finally my problem solved and the prb was from apn data provider all my problems in that awesome phone cleared except one problem and it's be perfect and ideal.
    the prb is that how to use it as a modem not for sharing internet no i mean i want to have two connections independent themselves one connection on laptop and another connection on my phone as all mobiles in the world can do it that's not a miracle,so helping me experters,thanks alot.
  7. engoil

    engoil Lurker

    good one I really wanted this

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