Aug 14, 2010
Anyone know of a "pocket case" that works with the 3500 mAh battery?
I like to clip my phone inside my front pocket. (I assume it will fit in my pocket, the battery isn't here yet)
Presently I have this one, it has a clip on the back and is open on the top:


Cellet Bergamo Leather Cell Phone Case with Spring Clip for Apple iPhone 4GB 8GB

I like that there is no flap and I can slide the phone out of my pocket without removing the case. It stays clipped inside the pocket.
Ya, I can feel it vibrate and it doesn't look dorky like carrying a phone on your belt.

So the phone and case are INSIDE the pocket, with the clip being visible from the outside?

I used to keep an older phone like this back in the day. Or maybe that's how I carried my pager...it's been so long.

Why do you do this? Does it keep the phone cleaner than simply being in the pocket? I suppse there is screen protection as well?
Yes, the phone is inside the pocket and depending if I have a tucked in shirt or not, the clip is visible.
I do this because it looks better, if the phone comes loose it ends up in my pocket instead of on the ground/in a chair/between the seats/etc.
It does have a screen protector.
Battery came last night.
The phone still fits in the case but I can't pull the phone out of it without pulling the case from my pocket.
I'll probably just have this case altered.