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pocket quicken?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ari-free, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Pocket Quicken

    I would like to see this on android. Something that would sync to the real Quicken and not just quicken online.

    If I have this, along with Softmaker office and firefox I would really have full PC power in my phone.

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  2. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member

    Bringing this back up. Though, it doesn't have to be pocket quicken exactly, but Quicken sync capabilities would be ideal.
  3. gizbug

    gizbug Well-Known Member

    A lot of people are waiting for something like this......guess we continue to wait.
  4. Aufty

    Aufty Lurker

    Yes, Pocket Quicken, or at least a complete sync like it does on the Palm platform. Someone out there looking to make some money on a worthy project--takle this one up.

  5. Drewray

    Drewray Newbie

    I use Quicken and used Pocket Quicken on the Palm OS. I miss this application on my Android OS mobile device.
  6. tgallo5726

    tgallo5726 Lurker

    i am a quicken user for about 15 years, would love a pocket quicken app, that could import or use my desktop quicken qif files.:D something that could sync with desktop would be perfect. gbamoney does import qif, but no way sync data. easy money is great, but only csv files import. anmoney is imports only qif without transfer tranactions and loot failed the qif import altogether.

    isn't there one app that wants the money from the quicken users in need of a sync or import app. why not just make a app that can emulate quicken on the android. and use quickens desktop files, its budget, lifetime planner, bill reminder, debt reduction, the whole works.
  7. spots317

    spots317 Lurker

    Yes! I'm looking for a Quicken app, too! Looks like I'll be waiting.
  8. MroKoBo

    MroKoBo Lurker

    Intuit is touting Mint.com as the Pocket Quicken replacement. I've tried it and it is sadly not even close. No, you can't enter new transactions into the Android app for Droid, just look at balances. You can do more with your accounts by simply logging into your bank online. Why Intuit (greed?) will not license companies like Landware to develop the app for Droid is beyond me. Mint.com is a complete waste of time. Here's a copy/paste directly from the Landware site:

    Intuit has decided to change its handheld and smartphone strategy and as a result has terminated its Pocket Quicken licensing agreement with LandWare.
    Regrettably LandWare is no longer able to develop, distribute or support Pocket Quicken as of March 1, 2010. We wish to thank all of our wonderful customers who have supported our product over the last 11 years.
    We are proud that with your help we were able to build the longest running, most popular and award winning version of Pocket Quicken to date. Although we would have loved to have seen our product vision carry over to the iPhone and Android platforms it was just not possible in this case.
    If you would like to contact Intuit regarding this matter, they have told us to refer customers to their Customer Feedback Form.
    If you need technical support for your existing copy of Pocket Quicken please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
    Thanks again for your support,
    The LandWare Team
  9. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer

    Have you guys tried EEBA? It works for me and means my wife and I can both instantly see what our family finance situation is.

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