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Sep 25, 2013
I am in the market for a new phone. At the moment I have a Galaxy J2 pro. Sure it's old and it's cheap but it's been a very reliable and perfectly adequate phone (this is my second one) - and I'm a cheapskate. Sadly it's getting behind on the software front now and some apps (banking etc) will no longer work on it.

One of it's great features? It's a good size AND it fits easily in a shirt or pants pocket (142 x 71mm). I'm looking at budget phones to replace it with like the Galaxy A12 or A13. I'd prefer to stick with Samsung. The problem is why are they so big? They won't fit comfortably in pockets, they're too long! For example I wear work shirts and it's nice to be able to button the pocket flap closed over the phone when required.

Can anyone suggest any decent Android phones (budget price) that are still on the mid/small size? I'll give Apple one thing, they don't seem to have gone crazy on the size of their phones.
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You'll probably need to expand your budget to buy a smaller form-factor phone. Those are considered to be limited, niche market phones so they're priced accordingly. Unfortunately the trend with Android phones is to make them larger and thinner even though the overall consumer demand for those two aspects isn't actually there. I know from my perspective I don't want to deal with using a tablet-sized phone but whatever.
You'll find a lot more viable options online though, most retail stores have a rather limited number of options to choose from.