PocketBlu for Android


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Does anybody use it already?

pocket BLU? - Download - Android
pocket BLU? - Android app on AppBrain

I found out about it through this article:
Buy A Movie On Blu-ray, Watch It On Your Android Device: Online Video News

I'd really like to know how this works, if anybody can explain that actually uses this.

Nevermind, it explains it on the Digital Copy screen...LOL


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Whatever disc you want to watch must be PocketBlu enabled, and you also have to have a BluRay player that's connected to a network (like a Playstation3 or perhaps a BluRay drive in your PC). As you can imagine, most BluRay discs aren't PocketBlu enabled, and most BluRay disc players aren't network connected.

Just my opinion, likely because I've been watching movies on portable devices since way back in my Palm Tungsten|2 days, but it would be easier to just convert it to MP4 and put it on your Evo's SD card. That way you're not sucking down your battery life streaming a movie, you don't have to pay more for a PocketBlu enabled disc, you don't need a network ready BluRay player, and you're not just limited to BluRay movies (since DVD's are still far more available/affordable).