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POCO X3 NFC. User experiences?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Papamalo, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. Papamalo

    Papamalo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hello all. I believe it is finally time to unload my beloved LG V30.
    While looking at replacement from my phone, I happened upon the Poco X3 NFC, For its battery, RAM, And price specs.
    Surprisingly, while I found quite a few articles in the news and these forums, I did not find forum around This particular phone. Anyone here have any user experiences for me?

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  2. Madd61

    Madd61 Well-Known Member

    I don't have one, but I have 2 (Poco / Mi) of similar age and MIUI version.
    I see you are a long time member.
    (Are you based in Cuba?)
    I'm in the UK. I have a mild addiction to the (Xiaomi) Mi website and their daily picks of price drops and other discounts announced weekly.

    The Poco X3 NFC will serve you well and has good specs.

    I would only say it was released this time last year and the same manufacturer has even better models for similar or less money (Poco, Mi and Redmi brands) .. so it obviously depends on how and where you would buy it.
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  3. Papamalo

    Papamalo Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am in the states on Metro PCS which I think is part of the T-mobile network.
    All I really wanted is a FAST phone, with BIG battery life, and a decent camera. I'm really not a gamer, and I don't listen to ,music on my phone.
    I'd probably be buying it online in the states.
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  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    As the Poco X3 is primarily intended for sale and use in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., and you'll be buying it as an import. I think you better check if it can be activated and used on Metro as a BYOD.

    FYI the Poco brand was introduced by Xiaomi for certain Asian markets outside of China.
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  5. Madd61

    Madd61 Well-Known Member

    Check the network bands as @mikedt said.
    That being good (I haven't checked) or if you were in the UK, from that manufacturer I would steer you also to the newer Redmi Note 10 Pro (same soc sd732) better AMOLED screen and similar sd card support and headphone jack.

    Though for speed and value, and to name confuse you more (Xiaomi do that), the Poco F3 has great spec and screen (SD 870, 5G), and has been reduced here in both 128gb and 256gb variants.

    Also the Poco X3 Pro has the SD860 on 4G.

    I've had two models for close to a year and very pleased with them. Definitely as good as Samsung imv.

    You can remove any adverts through various settings (You Tube has advice), and extra bloat ware apps like LinkedIn, Facebook etc are uninstallable.
    If I don't sign in to copycat Mi apps (Samsung do similar) like browser, notes and cloud apps they don't interfere, and apparently are uninstallable with the latest MIUI 12.5 UI, though I wasn't able to here)

    None of this is what you were asking, I understand, but oddly the android forums I've looked at such as Android Central have little input from Xiaomi owners, and you'll know they are not currently marketed in the US.

    **Also a small downside they do update security patches but can be 2 to 3 months late. They also send out big UI updates to quite old models but again this can take time. The latest models due , 11T and 11T Pro offer 4 years monthly security and 3 years OS updates, or the other way around, and there is mention this will be offered to current models also.
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