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Podcast Suggestions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ninjakyle, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. ninjakyle

    ninjakyle Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Finally bought DoggCatcher and love it as a Podcatcher (audio and video)

    Now looking for podcast suggestions.

    Some of my favorites:

    TWIT (tech)
    TWIG (tech and google)
    Android Phone Fans
    AppJudgment (iphone and android apps)
    The Digg Reel (popular youtube videos)
    Hak5 (misc hacking)
    ROFL (comedy)
    The Nerdist (interview usually with comedians by a comedian, Chris Hardwick)
    GeekBeat.tv (short tech update)
    The Android App Show
    The RELEVANT Podcast (news and media with a hip/funny Christian slant)
    Scam School (magic tricks)

    Any suggestions?


  2. johnasp

    johnasp Newbie

    Like your choices and will try some that I haven't heard before.
    Here are some of my favorites.

    Buzz out loud
    Cranky Geeks
    No Agenda
    The adam carolla podcast
    The steve dahl show
    RadioMensa.net podcast (old time radio)
    x minus one podcast (vintage radio Sci-Fi)
  3. buck flicks

    buck flicks Newbie

    My favorite podcast is Coverville.

    Updated several times a week, the 'caster plays cover tunes... sometimes it's one band's cover story... covers of their songs and songs they have covered, sometimes it's just requests, sometimes it's a hodgepodge, and sometimes it's a theme (halloween, christmas, etc.)

    Also, SModcast, which is a podcast by Scott Mossier, who is Kevin Smith's producer. Kevin is usually involved as well.
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  4. mundyb

    mundyb Newbie

    I love to listen to No Agenda in the morning!
  5. Psitech

    Psitech Lurker

    You guys have some good ones listed. Here are the ones I watch/listen to most.

    TWIT (Tech and Google)
    Blind Monkey TV (tech)
    Rev3 (Diggnation, Tekzilla, and Food Mob)
  6. dondiego

    dondiego Lurker

  7. ryanx27

    ryanx27 Member

    This American Life is amazing. Slate's podcasts are great, particularly the Political Gabfest. I also recommend the NPR show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me".
  8. ryanx27

    ryanx27 Member

    How is Doggcatcher? Does it download the podcast mp3 files or does it stream them? I have been using Stitcher for a few months and really enjoy the convenience of streaming podcasts as opposed to downloading them. Although when it comes to music podcasts, the quality suffers in a stream.
  9. buck flicks

    buck flicks Newbie

    I also subscribe to youtube's video of the day.

    I use BeyondPod, the free version. It downloads the 'casts to your SD card (I haven't found a way to force it to the internal memory.) The only drawback I've seen so far in not getting the 'pro' version is that you can only download one file at a time. It does give you the option of streaming or downloading. Also, if you download one, play and delete it, it still remembers that you downloaded it, and the button says 're-download' instead of 'download'... it's been pretty good about keeping track of my usage.
  10. Vance

    Vance Android Enthusiast

    Podcasts relevant to Adroid/tech:

    Android Atlas
    Buzz Out Loud
    Tech News Today
    Engadget Mobile
    Android Central
  11. ChewyTKE609

    ChewyTKE609 Newbie

    Here are my favorite podcasts:

    Stuff You Should Know
    Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me
    Car Talk
    Jake and Amir (www.collegehumor.com)
    The Totally Rad Show
    Leo LaPorte: The Tech Guy
    Science Times
    The Moth
    ESPN: Around The Horn
  12. N04H

    N04H Lurker

    TBTL [Too Beautiful To Live] - srsly grood
  13. ninjakyle

    ninjakyle Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I put off buying it for a long time and tried every free podcatcher and was using .Podkast for video and BeyondPod for audio (I think).

    Doggcatcher will download or stream (as will several free ones). My favorite feature is to set it to update and download new stuff when it is plugged in/charging and on wifi (basically at night when I am home). Then I can watch what has been downloaded in the car, on a plane, or wherever I want.

    It is the only app I have paid for so far and I am pretty sure I have gotten my moneys worth in one week.

    App I use more than any other anymore.
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  14. wrestlingnrj

    wrestlingnrj Newbie

    My favorites I always listen to:

    The Survival Podcast
    Personal Armament
    The Handgun Podcast
  15. vico-c

    vico-c Newbie

    I've seen some pretty good suggestions so far the Adam Carolla podcast is great and is daily if your into sports or like guy talk check out The sports junkies podcast also Big O and Dukes they are hilarious. Those are 3 must haves in your podcast catalog.
  16. booyamachine

    booyamachine Lurker

    I live for podcasts. Here of some favs:

    /filmcast (slashfilmcast) - if you're a movie buff in the slightest you need to add this asap, the best podcast out there
    Firewall & Iceberg - two hitfix.com tv guys, Alan Sepinwall is THE BEST critic in the business imho
    The BS Report with Bill Simmons - Sports, Entertainment, Hilarity. If you like Simmons you'll love it, if you don't you won't.
    The Sound of Young America - a younger perspective on an NPR-style interview show. Started off with mostly comedians but now has a wide variety of guests.
    Jordan, Jesse Go! - Jesse (the sound of young america host) and his pal jordan muck it up for an hour or so, usually with a hilarious comedian guest.

    Those, along with the previously mentioned This American Life and Carolla, are all can't miss for me.

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