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Point and click app creators?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by daiashi, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. daiashi

    daiashi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello currently using Eclipse.Have seen a lot of folks using p&c app creators.Do you think these are viable resources to use or a waste of time.They seem to
    charge if you want to use for anything other than personal use.Just curious
    as to what you think?Thanks.

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  2. deprogram

    deprogram Lurker

    There may have been a time when a completely WYSIWYG editor was helpful for people who struggled with layouts, although even that's questionable - 'back in the day' you'd just push the APK to your device and see what it looked like. Slow, but it's no different than composing CSS/XHTML in a browser.

    These days the live layout editors in Eclipse and Android Studio are pretty decent. So the only 'advantage' a P+C app creator gives you is that you don't need to understand Java. Given that Java is incredibly easy to learn, and that the quality of apps in the Play store is already dreadfully low, I'm not sure if this is an advantage or not.

    Disclaimer: never actually used an app creator tool. Only read about them, and looked at some apps created with them.
  3. daiashi

    daiashi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you.What I was thinking as well.Strangely feel that I would be cheating
    in my mind to use p&c software.Just my 2 cents.I will just keep pushing forward
    with eclipse and studio.Get some good apps to market.
  4. spider10

    spider10 Lurker

    I am currently using Tabletize. It 's the most complete editor WYSIWYG I have found online. I have already created a dozen native applications for different clients on platforms iOS, Android, and Chrome Web Store.
  5. nuurhasan

    nuurhasan Newbie

    I am kind of struggling with Game Salad, I will like to use try Tabletize.
  6. deprogram

    deprogram Lurker

    It would be interesting to me to see the results, I've only ever seen very simple apps in the various articles I've read about app creator tools.

    If you mean cheating as in cheating yourself out of learning something difficult, sure. In that sense, perhaps it's 'cheating'.

    Look, if there is a tool that allows me to create something that looks, performs, and in all other ways is just as good as creating the same thing by hand in an incredibly time-consuming manner, I'd be silly not to use it. In that sense the best coders 'cheat' all the time, by writing tools or leveraging existing ones to reduce the amount of effort they have to make.

    I'm just not sure that the p+c app creators give you that, I think there is a definite tradeoff in convenience vs. control.

    I can't back that up with evidence, the apps that I write aren't suited to p+c creation, and I just don't have the time to create two identical apps with two different tools and compare them, although it would be awesome if someone would.

    Does anyone have an app made with a p+c creator that's fairly complex? I'd like to see something more than an app made for a basic tutorial.

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