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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kirch21, Oct 25, 2010.



  1. Rubix 1.0

    15 vote(s)
  2. Fission 1.2

    13 vote(s)
  3. Apex 1.0

    42 vote(s)
  1. Kirch21

    Kirch21 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What is your opinion on the best available AOSP ROM as of the current releases?

    Best combo of speed, OC ability, bugs.... etc.

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  2. tom108

    tom108 Android Expert

    i was loving the apex roms RC1 RC2 and V1. but i started running into some bugs. i jumped and went for rubix which for me was faster but worse battery life. now i am on Fission v1.2 and it is the fastest rom i have used on my DX to date. very few running processes and zero blur apps. apex still uses a few blur apps while fission has all AOSP apps.
    its a hard call cause everyone is different and each phone is different. all i know is my phone has never been faster or had better battery life.

    just remember if you are installing fission remember to follow the install notes to the T it is very important since it is very different from other roms.
  3. Steven58


    Thanks for the tip. I'm a lousy directions follower! :eek:
  4. Kirch21

    Kirch21 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i have had the exact same experience. i have had GREAT battery life with fission. Its been very snappy my favorite so far. Not putting down Apex, or Rubiks though. They are great ROMS too as you said its a phone to phone kind of thing
  5. LexusBrian400

    LexusBrian400 Android Enthusiast

    Its hard to have an AOSP rom poll when we dont even have a 100% pure AOSP rom out yet :)

    But yes, I know what you mean... Fission has been pretty good for me. There is no "best" rom. Its all personal preference. You just have to try a few and find out for yourself. Run each rom for a day or 2. You cannot properly evaluate a rom in just a few hours. So give it a day or 2 and then switch, its the only real way of finding the "best" rom for you.
  6. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    Agreed. I voted because I've had apex from the start, and it has been a dream for me. Although nothing we have is 100 % AOSP, I'm able to do pretty much everything I was to do now so I'm really HAPPY
  7. Kevmueller

    Kevmueller Android Expert

    I started on Rubix and it was really good, but was getting a reboot about every 36 hours. Then Fission RC1 dropped and I tried that, I know it was new at that point, but it was still really good, so I am sure 1.2 is even better now. But I actually missed a little of the blur that was out there so I thought I would try out ApeX and have loved it from day one, I had RC2 first and even debated going to 1.0 since I was OC to 1.38, but did and have not had any problems and still OC at 1.38. All of these are really good ROM's by developers who are very responsive to any issues (if there are any). I don't think you can go wrong with any, but it is more what works for you on your phone. However for me of the three that are out, I will not be switching from ApeX.
  8. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    Fission for me. I've tried all three. Apex was probably the least stable for me. But as other noted that is a phone by phone basis. On apex I was getting google framework force closes and losing all of my contacts (facebook and phone) until I reboot. Other than that I really liked it. I started on rc2, had those problems, jumped to 1.0 hoping it fixed it but no dice. Now I'm on fission and its smoking fast. Have had a slight improvement in the overclocking field as well.
  9. Steven58


    I agree with Beesly, you can't get a good impression unless you run something for a couple of days. I'm on day one of Fab's ApeX. Love it. There really isn't anything I find that I'm lacking. I'm setting it up as I go. I'll save it and try some others, but I've have to call this my number one rom and theme, thus far. it's beating out my DropRedX and Black Glass X.
  10. imronburgundy

    imronburgundy Android Enthusiast

    Haven't had as good battery life on fission but I can say it is the fastest, snappiest rom out there right now.
  11. dB Zac

    dB Zac Android Enthusiast

    I have run many bench marks with both rubix and Fission and it always came out that Rubix was faster. I think the snappy feeling comes from the scrolling and transition speeds that Fission has as default settings. I used spare parts to speed up Rubix in these areas. It doesn't affect bench marks of coarse but it does make it feel faster

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