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Poll: Silent/Audio bug after 2.1 OTA

  • I did have the silent bug after the OTA and the phone replacement did help.

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  • I did have the silent bug after the OTA and the phone replacement did NOT help.

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Dear Moderator,
I suggest to post a poll: "Did phone replacement help you with the silent/audio bug? yes/No".

I would like to to see some statistics on this one. It would help to decide if it was worth doing the phone replacement or tough it out till the fix comes (if ever).


Make it clear that some people don't have the bug - their answer would be "no" but that's not really what you want to learn.

Perhaps you should recommend that ONLY people with the bug take the poll, or give an option for "never had the bug in the first place."

It's amazing to see how a question that seems so obvious to the original poster can get so misconstrued when the larger community starts reading/answering!


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right above the first post you should see an option to add a poll. and please make the options clear and give a good range in possible choices.


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go to your first post


go advanced

under the message box is poll options

hit them

fill'm out



Hmmm. I did that (edit/Advanced) but under the message box I only see a bunch of icons and no post optin selecton.

I must be mentally challenged....