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[Poll]Your batteries choices-original, 3500mAh, just charger

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by libai8268, Dec 7, 2010.


Battery Choices

  1. Only One Original Battery(Plug in daily)

  2. 1500, 1750 Whatever fits in the original case

  3. 3000, 3500 Whatever needs a bulky case

  1. libai8268

    libai8268 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 22, 2010
    I've used only original batteries, 1500mAh*2, and 3500mAh*2 batteries for a while. There are some pros and cons with the larger batteries and without.

    First the original battery.

    In my case, can only last about up time: 11hours awake time: 1-2 hours. The pros for this case, I would say the phone is super slim and looks great. However, the cons would be that I have to worry about the juice all the time and try to plug it in every time I near a plug.

    Second case: Buy some 1500, 1750 whatever that fits in the original back case.

    I bought 2 1500mAh batteries after I got sick of worrying about the juice. In this case, I found out that I have to swap the batteries pretty often but the good news is I feel safe when I go out. People go to work or school from 8-5pm and then they might wanna go to a restaurant or a bar afterwards. If you only have one battery then after the work or school, you can't really go out without charging your phone again. The bad news is that you'll have to swap the batteries all the time since the juice is about the same as the original one. And the back case seems to be fragile?

    Third case: 3500mAh

    I would say I am really satisfied with super juice after I purchased it. However, it comes with a super bulky back case too. For my phone, it can last 24 hours up time and 3-4 hours awake time. (It could be 21-22 hours up time and 4-5 awake time. Just depending on how I use it). This is an awesome solution for me because sometimes I spend the weekend with my friends and even live there and I would love to travel light. Therefore this could help me succeed my goal. But the downside is that it's god damn bulky. It's like we are back to 80s using satellite or something. Also it makes the phone less sexy.

    I've used 3500mAh for a while but recently I go back to 1500mAh batteries with 1 original battery. I am just trying to find out which way fits my need. Since everyone has used his/her phone for a while. I would love to set up a poll to see what choice you guys have made.

    P.S why Apple always manages to make it's products last for a long time but other companies just can't keep up :( my hp laptop:3 hours. MBP: 5 hours at least. Iphone: no need to charge every day (answers from my friend). EVO: please plug in every day. (Even with 3500mAh, I still have to charge or swap it on daily basis.)


  2. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2010
    The reasons this phone uses more battery than iPhone are the Evo's usually running some tasks in the background, it's a little less efficient in the way the OS runs, and Evo multitasks. It's not an ordinary phone, and the price was recharging.

    As to solutions, I've always had a portable charger with retractable cord for all my gadgets. I find it rather easy and not a distraction at all to plug in while I'm not using my phone. I even charge while it's sitting in my Seidio Innocase holster while just walking around.

    The number one knock on Evo seems to be that it uses more battery. Well, it's a better phone so I'll trade that any day.

    On top of that, anyone who's tethering, using 4G and talking on the phone, videoconferencing, or doing tons of downloading probably is power consuming battery and shouldn't blame the phone.

    We all wanted a slim, powerful phone. Evo delivers. I chose to leave it in it's slim, orginal battery-powered look rather than jumping to the 3500 mah batteries.

    I think the single biggest lost opportunity is a dongle-less, charge through case option.

    Be interested to see how this poll looks though.
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I love my 3500mAh battery! I can go two days on a charge if I want and that's with heavy use. I can use battery tips and make it go longer as well if I choose. It doesn't seem that big to me either, though I'm 6 foot 5 so I'm a big dude in general. I'll be doing some bluetooth streaming soon too so it's nice that I don't have to worry about battery life.
  4. M5Rahul

    M5Rahul Well-Known Member

    Sep 30, 2010
    DFW TX
    I've had the EVO for the last 3 weeks [switched from AT&T ; used a truckload of unbranded/unlocked smartphones from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Palm, SE, and then the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4] and am loving the EVO!

    The battery, yes, is probably the biggest drawback [followed by the more trivial screen resolution, camera, and touch-screen fluidity] but I've kept to the original thus far!

    I've been following the 'Chinese 3000 mAh battery ' thread and that huge back cover for the extended battery is a turn off..

    However, like the OP, I'm in the same dilemma! Can't decide whether to sport 1-2 additional OEM 1500 mAh batteries and keep the slim sexy look of the phone, or opt for the larger 3000/3500 one thereby compromising the look for practicality! lol

    I haven't even looked at any [if available] 1800 - 2500 mAh options and their fitment.

    So.. well.. I'm just as confused and undecided at the moment.. :eek:
  5. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2010
    Consider portable charging solutions. I have retractable USB cords and a 4400 mah recharger that gives more juice than even two spare batteries could taking up about the same storage space or less and not having to turn off the phone to swap batteries. I charge while not using or even just walking around while in my Seidio holster.
  6. GrahamTheMan

    GrahamTheMan Active Member

    Jan 19, 2011
    Rooting on the side
    I have a 3500mah battery and didn't get the wall dock with it... I'm ordering a wall dock battery charger will it be able to charge my extended bat?

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