Help Poor image quality

Does anyone have a solution for Andriod not displaying large images properly.l?
Unfortunately this is my first post so I can't post a link or an example pic, but this is most annoying when trying to view large infographics. It seems to be impossible with android, when I zoom in the infographic becomes pixelated and impossible to read. Of course this is with the full size picture, not a thumbnail or something. It doesn't seem to matter whether I download the picture or view it in my browser.
Im using an unrooted, updated Motorola ATRIX.


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Can you give more detail as to what you mean by a "Large Image"??

I have a 12MP digital camera and I'm able to view the 4000x3000 pixel pic's I take with it no problem. I just transfer them to the phone by USB or BT from my PC and open them. They look fine zoomed in or out.


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I'll try to check those particular files out. But, you talk about the resolution, and how they don't display "Right."

When I say the images from my Digital cam look fine, I am taking in to count that the display on the phone has a resolution of only 540x960. So, yeah, you start going 2 or 3 times that, and you are going to get some pixelation.

Give me a little while to go find those files and look at them. I don't doubt the text will be unreadable for me to. But, I guess I don't see it as a problem since it's just a phone with a much lower resolution than the images.

Also, you are looking at PNG files. They don't scale down as good as JPEG's. It's the compression used in that format. Don't get me wrong, I like PNG.