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Poor manufacturing and repairs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kingdave, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've had my G4 for about 7 months now and have already had to send it back to LG for repair once. In the 3 months or so since I did that the same problems are beginning to crop up again so it is only a matter of time before the phone becomes unusable again and has to go back in.

    The issues I have are all centred around power use and charging. The phone has real trouble recognising that a cable is connected and to draw power from it, and will constantly vibrate to say the cable is connected, it then disconnects and reconnects and this will go on forever. I never hold my phone while charging; it sits on my desk or bed side table while it draws power from the wall so it isn't as though I have bent the USB or changed the shape of the port etc. If it doesn't vibrate around the table it can take hours to fill the battery using the standard plug that came with it - going from 40% to 100% has taken in excess of 5 hours on some occasions, but 3-4 hours for that charge isn't unusual.

    The second issue is power use. Since getting my phone back from the first repair by LG it eats through power like nobody's business. Unplug at 100%, check the emails, quick look at Facebook and a read of the news (all done in around 10 minutes, no videos, just text and images) and the battery is down to 75% or thereabouts. That can't be right surely?

    I've read on XDA that the soldering and mounting that LG have used to secure the charging port to the motherboard isn't great and several people have complained of similar problems to my own. Am I in the minority here? Is anyone else having issues?

    I'm trying to return the phone by my carrier won't do that until they have had a chance to repair it, and refuse to acknowledge that LG have already attempted to repair it once already.

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  2. SavageRobot

    SavageRobot Android Expert

    That sounds like you an unlucky one. I've never had issues anything like that with mine. It always charges from around empty to full inside of a couple of hours using original cable and plug, I'm very happy with the charge time I've been getting and that usage does sound like there is a problem somewhere Can you see in your battery stats what's is hogging all that power? Is your brightness set to adaptive? I would say there is definitely something wrong with your device or battery, probably device when you say it keeps disconnecting the charge if the cable is fine.
    It should be covered under warranty with LG as it is a design fault.
    Who are you with? I'm with EE and I had one of the devices with faulty motherboard going into bootloop (think the devices made between May/Sep can suffer with this). but EE just sent me a new device altogether, swap at the time your broken one with the replacement, LG could have your phone for weeks trying to fix it and you are then without a phone.
  3. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Mine will no longer accept the original cable, I have to use one from my old Nexus 5 to get any power into the phone at all. When it came back from repair originally the original cable was great and charging it no problem, but then over the following weeks the connection degraded until I'm at the point now using different cables and hoping they also work.

    The screen is the biggest user of power, taking about 32%. I don't have it on auto brightness - its set to approx 35% at all times. Curiously Garmin Connect is next on the list of battery users taking 26% today since I unplugged and I've not even used that app today.

    I'm with giffgaff, and while they will repair it or exchange it at a later date, they don't seem to view a repair by the manufacturer as taking place, and will only look to replace a handset once it has been repaired by their own teams a couple of times. I'm pleading with them to view the LG paperwork to prove it has already been repaired and talk them into refunding or swapping for a device made by someone else. I'm getting to the point of regretting ever buying this phone but can't afford a new one and giffgaff are the ones calling the shots when it comes to repairs and returns.
  4. Dale Wells

    Dale Wells Lurker

    This has been quite frankly, the worst device I have ever used - and I have used a lot of them. My biggest problem is with email - both stock and Outlook app. Emails hang consistently - after selecting an email, it takes minutes to display - even worse if I forward it. Last week I timed it. 13 minutes to display the email - and a 15% drop in battery. I have tried everything - even replacing the phone and the same problem with the replacement. Lockups, lags, and with the previous one, it completely failed. I am using a used Galaxy S5 Active now, with no problems whatsoever. AT&T reps tell me it is because I use too many apps and check my mail too often. Poor service - poor device. LG should be ashamed.

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