Help Poor reception? (was great with my Blackberry)


Apr 19, 2010
I live in an area where I had GREAT reception on my Blackberry... since switching to the Incredible, I have a really hard time getting a good signal in my house.

Calls drop when I'm talking to someone and the person on the other end of the phone fades in and out when I'm on a call.

Does anyone have any tips to improve reception?

I LOVE the phone, but the dropped calls are getting really old... especially when it wasn't an issue with my last Verizon phone.
maybe it the phone? i switched to verizon for the incredible so i have no other phone to compare it to but down in my basement i constantly switch between 1 and 0 bars of 3g but i receive calls fine and have yet to drop one. also the 3g speed is still blazing fast.
maybe... it's frustrating bc my wife and i both have verizon. her moto intensity (think that's the name) works FINE in the house. my signal is consistently at -90 to -100 and i'm dropping calls all over the place.

should i try to return the phone? anyone else having issues?
i would exchange it because my phone also sits in the -90 to -100 range and i have yet to drop a call or get a bad quality call.
this is going to sound ridiculous, but:

if anyone is having issues with the phone, turn it off, take out the battery and try again...

after ANOTHER day of not being able to hear people, having voices fade in and out and, generally, going crazy because my phone wasn't working, i took the battery out. Five minutes later, it's like i have a brand new phone. call quality is perfect, no more fading, etc... it's awesome.

i was so disappointed because i love the phone, but i literally could not use it to make phone calls due to the quality being so bad... no more. everything is great. wonderful phone. so glad i didn't cave in and return it.
I have both, BB Tour and Inc --- with both phones the reception is good, not excellent and ever time I check my dBm, both phones are the same or with in -1 of each other --- they are usually between -80 and -90 ,,,, I have never had a dropped call with any of my BB's in 2 years - and none yet in the last 2 weeks with Inc --- I would try a new phone