Feb 28, 2016
Bought my LG G3 yesterday, changing from a Nexus 4 that I loved. Took some time to adjust to the LG interface but now it's OK, the camera is far superior from the Nexus 4 but to be honest, everything else from the Nexus 4 was equal if not better in my opinion, I just love the raw Android interface in the Nexus.

Only ONE thing still bothering me in the G3, is the video quality that I watch in the social networks like Instagram or Facebook. It's just far inferior from I was used to in the Nexus 4, I thought I should be mirror like images. First I thought I may be a problem with the phone screen but I recorded a video with the camera, played it and was just fine, great quality!!! I don't get WHY videos from the social networks... anywhere from Twitter to Facebook has that "pixeled" horrible quality.

Can somebody give me a light? Because I searched this and can't find the same problem anywhere :(

Sorry if my english wasn't fine, I'm from Brazil and couldn't find anything about this trouble in portuguese forums. Hope someone here can help me. Thanks!
Check for anything in any related settings for bandwidth restrictions. Probably something is telling it to only stream low quality.
Don't know man.. The regular videos posted on Instagram.

Didn't find anything related to this but I'll keep trying, thanks for the advice!
Are you using the app, and off Wi-Fi? There's a cellular data use setting that could be the problem.