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Poor wifi signal after manual froyo update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by firejuan, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. firejuan

    firejuan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello, I am new to the forum so I hope I provide adequate information. I manually updated to android version 2.2. Everything is running good so far even the flash player with the exception of my wifi. Prior to the update I typically had 2 or 3 bars on the wifi meter in my house, but now I have zero bars even when sitting next to the router.
    Model number: Droid
    Android version: 2.2
    Baseband version: C_01.43.01P
    Kernel version:
    Build number: FRG01B

    I have performed several reboots and battery pulls. I also tried removing the battery and waiting several hours to use the phone with no luck.

    I reinstalled the larger 76mb froyo version, performed several reboots, and battery pulls. I downloaded wifi analyzer. My network and my neighbors networks are showing up, they cycle from a good signal to a bad signal. My network is ranging from approximately -50-60 dBm to -100 dBm every few seconds. I am even more confused; I ran a speed test and my download was much improved ~1.5-2 Mbps (2.1) vs. 2.81-5.32 Mbps (2.2), but then I could not get it to even test (-0.00 Mbps).

    Thanks in advance.

  2. firejuan

    firejuan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I performed a factory reset then a hard reset without any luck. My wifi is still not functional. My only hope is that the next update will fix the problem or I will be able to swap phones if it continues not to function properly.
  3. panamathor

    panamathor Newbie

    why not take it to the place where you bought it?
  4. jellyhead

    jellyhead Newbie

    did a the manual update, my wifi signal is the same as before. full bars in the house, about the same rage.
  5. calidmb

    calidmb Lurker

    I would try turning off the power to the router and then turning it back on. I have tried that and it has worked for me
  6. loehman

    loehman Lurker

    I am here with the same problems - no WiFi after update of Moto Droid. Unrooted, waited for official update. The Wifi does not work at home, where it worked before and does not work in public places it used to work. Restarting the router and resetting the phone does not work. What the settings menu keeps saying is ....
    Scanning ...
    Obtaining IP adress ...
  7. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    The router might need a firmware update?
  8. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    One thing that happened to me was my WiFi would connect but it would only show the dot for signal strength. I would get over 10 Mbps download speed. Looking in WiFi preferences it would go from poor signal to excellent signal over and over again. I tried enabling the SSID Broadcast and everything has been fine since.

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