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pop up ads making my phone vibrate!

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by pie314, Mar 17, 2016.

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    I currently use the sony xperia z3 mini. Ive had this phone for approximately a year. I bought it from a local source store, only to find out they force encourage you to buy a phone so they make more money. I asked the guy who sold the phone to me to import my contacts from my apple iphone 4s to my new phone. he used some 3rd party program to do this and to this day the program is within my phones file folders. im not sure if thats the root of the problem but i cant really say when it started happening but around the time i got the phone. since then i get annoying pop up ads opening chrome by itself wether im in the middle of texting, or just unlock my phone in the morning. it makes my phone vibrate continuously and i have no choice but to press ok to close the tab or it wont let me. i took my phone to an expert they said they didnt see anything in the phones memory, i tried malware bytes, and anti virus, and they didnt detect anything at all not one problem. i was told if the ads make the phone vibrate they have complete control over my phone!! i cant afford a new phone and i already found that factory reset does nothing. i played around with chrome settings, phone settings, clears browser history, cache, cookies. and its the same pop up ad every time! its something along the lines of (facebook . com - winning . me) and it looks like a facebook page with comments at the bottom and claims facebook wants to make me a millionaire, forcing me to press ok but i dont press anything else, it shows a spinning wheel or triple 7 slots. i have seen other websites redirected in the past but its usually this same one. an i occasionally get the play store opening by itself to a random game. its soo annoying and im scared this will eventually lead to loss of control of my device! i always click links in facebook such as (5 signs you have this, or that). i have looked everywhere. id try buy a new phone but im scared ill waste my money and have the same issue happen. ive had samsung phones in the past and this NEVER happened until i got this phone! wifi router isnt the problem, i move to different locations frequently.

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    Before factory reset go to settings>backup and reset ,disable these options "backup my data"and "automatic restore".

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