Help pop ups in browser

when i go onto chrome after a few minutes i get a pop up in the middle of screen telling me that either i have a virus,no virus scanner running or wanting to know if i want to download candy crush etc.i have free antivirus and have run scans but it says i have no viruses,i have also downloaded anti malware bytes and that has come out all clear as well,has anybody else had this problem and if so what is the best way of dealing with it, cheers.


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Just ignore them. If you ever actually got a virus, it would show up as a notification. The only way your going to get a virus anyway is if you install a malicious app. AFAIK, there are no exploits that allow a website to infect an Android device without you giving it permission to run.

So really, Android doesn't have viruses, but rather trojans instead.


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maybe try airpush detector. possibly a 3rd party app that pops the "alert" whenever you launch the browser. worth a shot.

something you may not have paid attention to... you said "after a couple minutes" but not whether you're going to the same site(s) when you're getting it.


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strangely enough i have not had it happen since i posted the thread,whether malware bytes has stopped it or it has stopped by other means i do not know but i will follow advice given and try your suggestions.