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pop3 and trouble with droid...please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by admorris, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. admorris

    admorris Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, as the title states...I am having a hell of a time getting my comcast account set up where I am consistently receiving email. I have deleted and reinstalled the account several times. Is there a trick or hidden setting somewhere I am missing? I feel like its something simple I am overlooking. I love this damn phone BTW.

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  2. kramericaman

    kramericaman Newbie

    Unfortunately the droid does push the email from pop3 automatically even though you can select it do so as frequently as five minutes. you still have to manually open each account and refresh/load messages. Hopefullay there is a fix coming for this soon in their updates. For an immediate fix you can look for a 3rd party app like K9. You can research the pros and cons of the 3rd party apps on this site. Hope this helps.
  3. tranzz

    tranzz Member

    You might not like to hear this (again, no doubt), but the real solution is to just use gmail. Only give out your gmail address, change your email address with your current senders, even give Comcast your gmail address for your primary contact.

    Do you want to know the advantages of gmail over the POP3 account? There are tons.

    If you have POP3 at work, and I.T. won't help you with IMAP / forwarding, then go googling for email forwarding / retrieval apps (like Jump2Mail). There are several independant apps that'll forward all your email from any and all accounts to any other email account, but they take some setup work, leave lots of emails undeleted in various accounts, etc..

    Seriously, gmail is a BIG key to contacts, calendars, email, to-do's, photos, and more stuff on android phones.

    You may be an experienced "old hand" at this, but just a few tips for your consideration. You ARE smart to have at least one "extra" email account that you use when giving out an email address to anyone that you realize may start sending you unwanted emails, or spam, or may share or leak the email address you give them. I haven't given my "best" email address to my only surviving sibling, because she sends all kinds of political and religious stuff to a list of about 30 people, and her boys have cut-and-pasted that list into some stupid stuff that they forward, and from there it's gotten really crazy. So this may be an opportunity for you to get a gmail address, that you choose, and use it carefully, and just check your old POP3 account from your home computer every few days.

    I used a free online web-based email system for a while, but I forgot what it is since I haven't used it in.... forever. There are other free systems too.
  4. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA

    Like the poster above me said you should really setup a gmail account, Android phones will sync everything from contacts to calendars to email. It works like IMAP so any changes you make on one end are synced to the other. I think you could have your comcast account forwarded to gmail if you would like, although there might be a small fee.
  5. reburns

    reburns Newbie

    I'm do not have any IT knowledge, just an Average Joe user, with POP3 email. I have the account set up in the Droid email to mimick the settings I use with Outlook 2002 for my POP3 email using Windows. In addition I did sign up for a gmail account, to enable syncing between Outlook and the Droid. I have not used my gmail account for anything directly... I've not checked the Google calendar or contacts or email even though I know it's on the web. I have my desktop Outlook delete the POP3 emails after one day, so they are available to the phone.

    I am using a vintage version of Outlook which the Google / Droid sync does not support. Instead of buying a new Windows Office set, I elected to buy the $40 CompanionLink for Google software that supports the older version. I could have gone the other way and upgraded my Windows Office instead. I have CompanionLink sync calendar & contacts every 1/2 hour. I figure that's frequent enough for my current needs.

    The only bug I'm experiencing is that I sometimes get the same email downloaded to the phone twice. It's also a PIA that Google contacts are sorted by first name first, not last name first, and there doesn't seem to be an option to reverse the order.

    The POP3 email I use is my own website domain, hosted by a 3rd party website hosting company. So if you're flexible in the approach, there should be a solution. I'm enjoying the phone also.
  6. admorris

    admorris Member
    Thread Starter

    While I agree that gmail is the way to go, I disagree that the information provided is a "solution". A solution would be for Android to fix the problem with pop email syncs. Definitely not a big deal though, as I have had a gmail account for a couple years and do not use my Comcast email too often anyway. I ended up just forwarding my Comcast through Gmail (there is no fee btw) and it works perfectly...basically "push" speed.

    Thanks for the replys...great forum you guys have here. I will probably stick around. Awesome phone btw...I have a brother that is sitting at Best Buy right now waiting to buy one based on my recommendations...haha.
  7. tranzz

    tranzz Member

    yeah, it sounds from your initial post like Comcast won't forward correctly, but I may have mis-understood. Get comcast POP3 account setup to automatically forward all your emails to your gmail account.

    I'm also thinking that you might be talking about Outlook Express AS OPPOSED TO Outlook,,,, yes, there is a HUGE difference.

    I'm not going to get into semantics, or who should do what. I think that Motorola and Verizon might be assuming a bit about people buying the "DROID" (A855), but we're not going to affect that.

    Android (the operating system) is a product of Google, and is made to put Google in your hand and phone. Google search is what Google started with, but Google docs / apps / gmail is what they're all about these days. Don't EVER expect Google to come out with a POP3 client /app. I'm sure they wouldn't even want to see a shareware app for Android to handle POP3. You can read the magazines, ASA Today, and National Enquirer about all that stuff.
  8. partymonster

    partymonster Newbie

    So I go with Android because I feel Apple/iPhone is too proprietary...and now I'm told to use Gmail? I have 3 pop accounts, two for business, one for personal. I don't need Gmail. Lets see what Android WON'T do, won't sync my email accounts automatically, even though the app asks how often I want to poll those accounts ( I chose every 5 mins.) It WON'T sync with Outlook contacts, or calendar, forcing me to sync my Outlook with Gmail.
    Maybe Blackberry doesn't have the sexy bells and whistles the iPhone and Droid phones have, but is sure runs circles around those sets in the fundamentals.

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