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POPUP 7, A WP7 lookalike SMS popup..

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by smartdevs, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Hi All,
    Introducing POPUP 7,

    Tired of SMS pop-ups interrupting your work or current task? POPUP 7 comes to your rescue, allowing you to do true multitasking on your phone. Your existing tasks, like games, videos, and editing, will continue while you read, reply, and delete text messages. Your messages still show up with contents and sender photos, but none of your other tasks are disturbed. You can customize the look of the app, and how it deals with incoming messages.
    Don't waste time or effort; your phone was made to multitask. POPUP 7 lets it.
    Allows text messages to appear without disturbing existing tasks
    Read/Reply/Delete SMS pop-ups no matter what else you're doing
    Click On Sender Name or Message Body to open SMS thread.
    Customize the app's look and feel to suit you
    Set Notifications for Incoming Sms with Vibrator and LED settings.
    Arrow to see complete message if you want.
    Any Suggestions are welcome.

    POPUP 7 PAID Link:

    POPUP 7 Free Link:

    Amazon Appstore Link:

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