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Popup stopper, ad blocker, need help with this!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DroidsIsPerfecked!!!, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. DroidsIsPerfecked!!!

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    One of the really cool things about Inc is that it includes web browser support video streaming. The flip side is that if you use this on sites where it's offered, you will likely get annoying ad popups! Why is it then that neither the Marketplace nor Appbrain offers any software to control this? I realize that Firefox software tweaks, which control everything from popup ads to cookies, script control, and much more, are called addons but with Android the browser would be Google Chrome. Is this the problem, or can I get controls like this in Google-world too, specifically for Android?

    Suppose I changed the default browser to Firefox, would I be able to use most of it's addons (I already know most of them work in Linux for PCs, but Android hasn't quite impressed me so far with much PC-like tweakability). How would I go about doing this, anyway?

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Can you not use the "block pop-up windows" selection in the native browser? Perhaps I'm missing what you are asking. I use Dolphin HD and it has the same option. No add-ons necessary.
  3. DroidsIsPerfecked!!!

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    My bad that I forgot about this option, which I have been using - I checked just now, and my default browser (whichever it is) is set to block popups. The problem is that it, like most browser popup control offerings, fails to do this effectively.

    What I need would be on par with the Adblock addon for Firefox. Used in tandem with NoScript (not the same thing, but it's another thing which is needed), I never get any unwanted crap pitched at me. I'm on a tangent now, but how many posts would it take to cover everything which any user who values control of his own device would demand, and is denied him by the google-gods who produced this system?

    So anyway, the question should have been are there addons available for giving the Android user control which is competitively better than the browser defaults concerning popups, and other nasty things like tracking cookies and scripts? I know that my Marketplace and Appbrain searches strangely came up blank.

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