Help Popups appearing on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

Look at the screenshots below. Thanks


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There was also a third popup. Its shape looks similar to the two screenshots posted, except that it claimed me that there was a Lollipop Android upgrade. I forgot to take a screenshot of it.


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I would go to applications manager in settings and find my web browser and clear cache.
You could also download a few free apps from the Play store, Addons detector and Malwarebytes and run them and see if they find anything.


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In my own experience, those little popups that cover the whole page, are the result of you installing something you didn't intend to click on... like the little adverts down at the bottom of free apps.

For me, after about a week of trying everything suggested, the only thing that worked was to do FDR.

that wiped out all of the System Files, and that took care of the popups.

that has been 18 months ago now, I never follow links to anywhere. If I see something of interest, I use Google Search or go direct to the Play Store and download it if it is an app.