Popups when playing Plague Inc


Hi all,

I've recently redownloaded Plague Inc from the play store after uninstalling it on a previous occasion to make room on my device, a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and on the previous occasion of having this game it worked fine and had no quarrels with it. Now when I play it on intervals of about ten minutes the app will force open my chrome browser and directs to me to Sainsbury's reward page with a button asking me to click and claim a cash prize. I've come across popups like this when browsing certain sites and I've always cleared my cache, search history etc straight after and have been very careful not to select the button on the page.

I use lookout as my anti-virus and that doesn't seem to pick up anything malicious downloaded, yet popups like this have become more and more frequent. About a pop up a week. They only jump up when I'm viewing certain links on Facebook app, browsing on some websites or here on Plague. I read that perhaps it's down to browsing on chrome rather than the phone's own browser, but it seems to also come from apps that are downloaded from the play store. But because Plague Inc has it's own reputable steam game, I wouldn't have thought it would have allowed these popups to be intergrated.

If anyone could tell me where these popups are coming from It'll be appreciated. The popups themselves always appear in a browser, specifically chrome. They do not appear outside of a browser. They're either the Sainsbury's rewards ones mentioned or Google pop ups with a countdown to remove a virus or something else like that.

Thanks a lot

Edit: I've found 3 suspicious apps on my phone all with the basic android logo next to them. They are "Facebook App Installer" "Facebook App Manager" and "Update apps." All of which I cannot uninstall, only disable.
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