Root [port][2.3.3] EvoBlurishly!


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
this is not mine but check it out:

HTC Evo Blur!
This port was started by Team Xron & SwampGoblin

EvoBlurishly V1.2
Kernel GoldenMonkey Added.
gTalk added
Visual Voice Mail from vzw removed
Camera/Camcorder removed from all public builds as they do not work.
Bluetooth reboot issue fixed.
Zip-aligned (original builds were not to my knowledge)

EvoBlur (Base) v3.5
WiFi/MMS/Cameras is not working in this port.

Updated plans:
fix cameras/wifi/mms #droidtastic for help and discussion

Don't be afraid to ask!

***To get your sdcard to show up on your pc, download "Automount sd card" from the market, remember to disable usb debugging.
You'll also need to reboot after you're done with you sdcard.