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Ported to sprint, unsure how to pay off remaining balance of monthly installments to get it settled.

Discussion in 'Android Carriers' started by dnuilahernandez, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. dnuilahernandez

    Thread Starter

    I had Verizon until two days ago, Other than the regular bill for service I am on the hook for I was also doing the 24 month installments on a device but since I ported to Sprint it needs to be paid off in full ASAP to avoid issues. After I ported I was unable to log into My Verizon which is no surprise but I tried going on their disconnected service bill pay site and can still see the final bill that I'm supposed to pay except it doesn't take the remaining balance of the monthly installments into account... is my only option to get the device installments paid off to call Verizon or is there a specific page I can find online so I can do it without calling? I already know where to go in order to pay the final bill for regular service I just need to know how also pay off my device as well since it no longer allows me to log in to My Verizon.

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  2. MrJavi

    MrJavi Android Expert

    Welcome to Android Forums @dnuilahernandez :)

    Try going to your local Version store. One on One, face to face would probably be the easiest way to get things done ASAP.
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  3. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    While a lot of cellular service companies will cover some or all of the costs of a switching to a new carriers, it's still up the customer make sure all their open accounts are paid off. Since you apparently signed up for a two-year contract with Verizon, you're still responsible for any unpaid bills and the early-withdraw penalty fee.
    Also note that Sprint is in a major transition period and being dissolved as it was bought out by T-Mobile.
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