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Porting Native FLAC Support

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by filmis, May 15, 2011.

  1. filmis

    filmis Lurker
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    Hi all,

    I'm totally new here, so I apologize if this has been posted in the incorrect place (or site, even!).

    I love my Samsung Galaxy GT-i5800L and the Android OS that came with it - my only problem is that there is no native FLAC support. I know there are third party apps, etc, etc, but I noticed that for the Motorola Milestone at least, one can port FLAC support.

    FLAC support for Motorola Milestone | android.doshaska.net

    I actually tried the methods listed there, well-aware that it probably wouldn't work because it's not for my phone. I had most success using the 'manual' method, which involves rooting and installing Terminal Emulator on the phone (it would copy all files etc, but upon rebooting the OS wouldn't load. Reflashing with the stock ROM makes the device usable again but brings me back to square one).

    My n00b guess as to why this didn't work is that the framework.jar for my phone won't be the same as the Milestone (duh!). At the above link, however, it indicates that modifications can be made to any framework.jar with the use of smali/backsmali, a compiler of sorts.

    That's where my comprehension ends. I have no clue how to do this, or if I'd be doomed to fail anyways (due to some unspoken fundamental limitation of my phone or OS). Any advice/comments?



    UPDATE: Well, I tried decompiling the framework.jar extracted from my phone (which is running Android 2.2, btw) using apktool but it only outputs apktool.yml in folder framwork.jar.out. What am I doing wrong?? Please help! :(

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  2. As I know Android 2.4 support FLAC originally.
  3. filmis

    filmis Lurker
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