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Oct 4, 2009
Queens, NY
So, members I have a issue and a few questions. Hopefully you experts can shed some light on this situation.

I have always been a Sprint guy. I had 4 lines on my account. 1 Broadband/PC, 1 back up phone (Hero) and 2 photons (mine and spouse). The Hero and the Photon are set one year apart contract wise so it allows me to get a new phone each year.

Now with my ongoing obsession of having to have a new phone each year as well as my lust for the Galaxy Note, I ported over the back up phone (Hero) to AT&T to obtain the Note. I just had to have this device and I love it. But AT&T is nothing like Sprint in terms of plans and for the amount I had all 4 devices on Sprint, is about the same amount I spend on AT&T on just the photon. :eek: :eek:

With me porting the Hero number to AT&T, naturally that line on Sprint is gone. But being that I am in the middle of my AT&T 30 trial contract, I am wondering
1-If I return/cancel the Note before the 30 days is up, how does one port back the number to Sprint? Would I do it thru AT&T or with Sprint?
(By Sprint, I mean if I get a new line and have the Note # ported over.)
2-Or something else that I can't think of. lol

Any insight would be appreciated.

TS - I think you set it up through Sprint. I'd imagine that you'd just have to tell them that you're planning on cancelling the ATT service. Only thing I'd seriously recommend is just taking baby steps with it (including repeating your intentions over and over, just so that the reps you speak with are clear on what you'll be doing). Last thing you want happening is for the Tier 1 reps to mess up and lose your number (happened to me on a Sprint account change/upgrade...wasn't even a port from 1 carrier to another...this was all before Dan Hesse took over though).