Posh Mobile Titan HD E500


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Found this on Amazon. Seems to be a good value. $179.99. Kitkat.

Posh Mobile | Titan HD E500 | Posh Mobile | 5.0 inch display | 1.7 GHZ Octa Core Processor

5" HD LCD Capacitive Touch-panel Display, Ultra Slim - 8.0mm Thick, 13MP Primary Camera with LED Flash, 5MP Front Camera

Powerful Octa Core 1.7 GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Internal Memory with Micro SD Support

Enhanced 4G HSDPA+ Network Support - GSM/Edge/4G HSDPA+ 850/1700/1900 - Dual Sim

2200mAh Battery, Micro USB Charger, Micro SIM, 1 Year USA Warranty
Package Includes: Phone, Wall Adapter, Charging Cable, Headphones, Manual, Battery, Screen Protector



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very nice.. got my seal of approval... gotta make sure the bands work with your network provider but in north america 850/1900 is usually the standard.. definately worth it for the price. whats cool about it is that usually in mtk dual sim phones you have one 3g/4g data enable sim and one 2g gsm sim.. but on this phone they seem to be both 3g/4g sim card slots.. might even pick one up for myself! :p
Bought one on Amazon-been playing with it several days now-OUTSTANDING! Super fast-Super deal $179.00
Better than buying iPhone 6($600+)
>Wonder if Otterbox for iPhone 6 will fit?
I purchased this phone this week to replace my Galaxy SIII because it ate up 3 batteries that will no long hold their strength for more than a few hours. I love the Posh Titan but I'm having problems with it holding a signal; especially when I go into a building of any kind. I've compared the bars (I know not really a ligit test, but it's all I've got on the fly) and side by side my Titan will have absolutely no signal or network connection whereas my SIII will have 2 or 3 bars (without the sim card in). Out in the wide open in town the Titan might have 2-3 bars whereas the SIII has full service(again without the sim card). Any suggestions on what the problem is and how to fix this? Thanks!