Help Possible Batter and / or shutoff issue after 2.1


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Hey guys, haven't posted on this forum, but my girlfriends moment is having an issue I have not isolated yet.

Over night the phone (first night) shut off, and would not turn back on until it was plugged into the charger, but I immediately removed it from the charger and it had 60% power.

This mourning it was shut off and the battery was actually on 6% power.

I have not had a chance to check the battery usage because it dies before I can see it, and the battery is only per unplug.

Ill check it later, but has anyone experienced this?



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do you have a moment also? if so just swap batteries and see what happens if eveything is good then you know its a battery issue eather way take it back to sprint and get it replaced.


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nearly any device that uses a rechargeable battery will read full battery if you put a dead battery on the charger and then immediately disconnect it... its the software that measures the battery stats' fault. However, if you have enough power for it to get more than one sample reading, it will show more accurate readings the longer it goes on.