Possible culprit (or major player) of screen coming on while in sleep mode


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I rarely had the screen come on while in sleep mode. So little so, I mainly cried about the wifi in low bar areas.

Since reading that more 720p/1080p mp4 codecs apparently play using the Clear.fi app, I unfroze the app (my A500 is rooted), but then noticed my A500 was coming out of sleep mode a lot (compared to previous).

Since freezing the app again, the A500 has stopped randomly coming out of sleep mode on its own (so far).

I do not have hardly any hidef MP4 files anyway (take up too much space IMO). The 720p I do have played fine anyway. added: Was just testing if the Clear.fi app actually did played more files. Others could test it that are having issues with MP4.

Mr. Ed

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hmmm...but I have no media files on mine and still had the wake issue. The only thing that resolved it was airplane mode then turn wifi on and wifi off when screen off in wifi settings

in the end the iconia is gone though...no recovery, couldn't get ntfs to work and random issues people were having... I'll wait for something more stable


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False positive for me, since it started doing it again, but this time it went off and on and then stayed on with no sleep mode kicking in until I pressed the power button. Seems there is some lower level polling going on and does not matter what app, or if wifi is on.

My A500 seems to be waking up a LOT more than before. The reason I notice is I take it to work and place it on a document arm swivel, so it is next to my monitor. Very easy to notice and the A500 was not doing it as much as it has in the past three days.

Last night I noticed it was doing it and this morning the battery drained 20% in six hours, where as it normally drains about 3% over ten hours. This is becoming a problem for me.