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Support Possible fix for gps issues at home location.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vzwuser76, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Apr 6, 2010

    I was having the same issue with gps as some have which is when I was home & would open up Maps it showed me about 200 miles away from my actual location. When I was away from home it was fine. I worked with Verizon tier 2 techs & we went so far as doing a factory reset. When I went to open Maps after the reset it started zooming in from the map of the entire U.S.A. down to my current location (which it showed for a split second) then went to the previous incorrect location.

    They sent me out a replacement to see if that would help & no joy there. We continued to talk & he asked me what my cell signal was like & I mentioned I was on a network extender (I had asked the previous Verizon tech if that was possibly the problem, even though I had no issues with it on my Incredible) & this last tech thought that might be the case.

    Just as an FYI, I picked up my Tbolt while away from home (about 4 hours away) & when I got back my wifi router had issues & I had to redo the setup for it & it would not let me proceed without using password protection for access (previously I had password protection disabled).

    Anyway, the tech had me power down the network extender & boom, instant lock! He put me on hold to see if the network extender techs had a fix for this. When he came back on the phone he said the NE tech told him that the NE doesn't support location services (odd considering it has a gps antenna on it). I told him I was fine not having my location show up at home as long as it worked away from there. After we finished the call I powered up the NE & my gps still locks fine every time now.

    So, incredibly long story short, if you are having gps issues only at home and use a network extender, try cycling power on it & see if that fixes the problem. I am by no means guaranteeing that it will fix the issue, as this is my personal experience & as previously stated I had wifi router issues earlier in the week (the NE uses the routers hardwire connection to access the internet for voice & data). Also remeber the NE takes up to an hour to get a gps lock so you can start using it for calls, so do so when you do not need to make calls for a while.

    I should also state that my NE is the 1st gen unit which supports 3 simultaneous calls + 1 reserved for 911 & 1x data. The 2nd gen unit supports around 8-10 calls & EVDO data. I do not know if the difference between the 2 units will make a difference in the outcome.

    Hope this helps some of you.


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