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Possible Fix for Responding to Meeting Invitations (Long Read)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by StingRay, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for the long read. It’s worth it if you are trying to respond to meeting invites with your Droid.

    As with others who have posted, the inability to respond to meeting invites with my Droid was very close to being a dealbreaker for me until I discovered that the ability to respond is actually there, it just handles it differently than Outlook or a Blackberry, which allow you to respond from the meeting invitation email. With the Droid, you respond to those invitations from your Calendar, in my case my corporate (Exchange) calendar. You are given the same options as in Outlook or in your Blackberry…..Accept, Tentative, & Decline. You can even either send the response, edit the response, or not send a response, just like in Outlook.

    The key is that if your invites are not being tentatively placed in your Outlook Calendar, as they are supposed to be, then they will not show up in your Droid Calendar and since you cannot respond from the invite email, you won’t be able to respond. My initial problem was that these invites were not making it into my Outlook Calendar, so I couldn’t do anything. Once I did the following fix, my invites started showing up in Outlook and also my Droid Calendar. If your invites aren’t being scheduled tentatively in your Outlook Calendar, then they aren’t making it to your Droid to be able to respond.

    1. First, download any and all available updates for the version of Outlook/Microsoft Office you are using. If you are at work, get your I.T. Department to download,
    2. Next (and this is probably what actually fixed the problem) read the following article from Microsoft support. Add the rules described making sure that they run first.

    Rules designed to move messages from the Inbox to other folders, particularly those that move messages directed specifically to the recipient (as opposed to messages to an alias), can cause meeting requests not to be automatically added to the Calendar.

    Typically, if a meeting request is received in the Inbox, a tentative meeting will be placed on the calendar until the meeting request is dealt with by selecting Accept, Tentative, or Decline. Even with this setting on, the meeting request will move to another folder before Outlook can process this request and place it tentatively on the Calendar.

    By creating rules that process these meeting requests first, keeping them in the Inbox, you give background processing time to act on the messages from the Inbox.

    Create five rules to cover all of the types of forms that are associated with appointments changes and cancellations. To work properly, the rules must be the first ones that run. Rules run from top to bottom in the order they are listed in the Rules Wizard dialog box.

    Use the following steps to create the five exception rules:
    1. Start Outlook and open your Inbox.
    2. In Microsoft Outlook 2000 and in Microsoft Outlook 2002, click Rules Wizard on the Tools menu.

    In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, click Rules and Alerts on the Tools menu.
    3. In Outlook 2000 and in Outlook 2002, click New. Then, under Which type of rule do you want to create?, click Check messages when they arrive, and then click Next.

    In Outlook 2003, click New. Then, click Start from a blank rule, click Check messages when they arrive, and then click Next.
    4. Under Which condition(s) do you want to check?, click to select Uses the form name form, click the form name link in the lower pane, and in Choose Form, click Application Forms in the list. Click to select the following appointment associated forms, using one form for each of your five rules:
    Accept Meeting Response
    Decline Meeting Response
    Meeting Cancellation
    Meeting Request
    Tentative Meeting Response
    5. Click Add, click Close, and then click Next.
    6. Under What do you want to do with the message?, click to select move it to the specified folder, and stop processing more rules. Select the Inbox as the folder, and then click OK and Next.
    7. Under Add any exceptions (if necessary), do not make a selection and then click Finish to complete the rule. Repeat these steps using a different form type for each rule, until all five rules are completed. Make sure these rules are at the top of your Rules Wizard List, so that they run first.

    By updating my Outlook and Microsoft Office at work and adding the five rules as described above, I am now able to immediately respond to meeting invitations from my Droid’s Corporate Calendar. Good Luck!

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  2. good_mojo

    good_mojo Lurker

    Thanks for the info StingRay. Do you know if this potential "fix" will work for those of us using non-Exchange Outlook??
  3. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My issue was that the invites were not being moved into my Outlook Calendar as "tentative" like they are supposed to before you actually respond. If you are having a similar problem, then I wouldn't think it would matter whether you are on Exchange or not. If you have properly synced your Droid with your Outlook, but these invites are not being moved into Calendar so your Droid can see them, then give it a try.

    Here's a link to an article on how the Outlook "sniffer" is supposed to work:

    BWAIN*dump: The Outlook Inbox Sniffer

    Good luck!
  4. good_mojo

    good_mojo Lurker

    OK ... thanks again. I am running non-Exchange Outlook for work, and have my Outlook mail and calendar sync'd with Gmail/Google Calendar. When I receive meeting requests on my Droid, they show up as messages only, without the option to accept/reject/etc. Also, since the messages show up with attachments, if I open the attachments, they show as gibberish (a bunch of random letters/numbers/symbols).

    Since I am not running Exchange, I don't think the Corporate Calendar is an option (correct??).

    Nonetheless, I did set up the rules as described above, and will see if that helps. I will also be more diligent to see if the meeting requests are showing up in my (regular) Droid Calendar (instead of just looking at the "e-mail" notice of the meeting). Thanks again.
  5. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    Does your Outlook Calendar sync with your Droid at all? (i.e if you put an appointment in Outlook, does it show up on your Droid?) If not, you may be able to sync your Outlook calendar with Gmail and use the "other" (non-corporate) calendar on your Droid.

    The steps I described in my first post are only for getting your meeting invites that are sent to you to show up tentatively in your Outlook Calendar. If your Droid does not sync with that calendar, then that procedure won't help you any.

    If you can get those meeting invites placed in your Outlook calendar (tentatively), and your Droid syncs somehow with that Outlook calendar, then all you have to do to accept (or decline) a meeting invite is to go directly to the entry in your Droid calendar (not email), pull it up and you should have the Accept/Tentative/Decline drop down menu available to you to respond.
  6. Mazz

    Mazz Lurker

    Doesn't work for me. It puts the appointment in my calendar, the email in my inbox - but I can only Reply, Reply All or Delete.
    I set up the rules according to the instructions and now it won't show them in my calendar at all and no option to accept, etc.
  7. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So the invite does show in your Droid calendar, it just doesn't give you options to accept, etc.?

    Are you on Exchange and using the "Corporate Calendar" on your Droid?

    If it's not even showing up in your calendar now, then undo those rules because you don't need them if the invites were showing up before. The way the Droid system is right now it will not ever let you respond from the email. You have to go to where the meeting is in your Droid calendar, pull it up, and respond options should be under meeting description (bottom).
  8. b8b

    b8b Newbie

    What if you are using Google Calendar and Gmail app?

    I still can't accept Calendar invites after the Droid update. Hello, Google? It's YOUR calendar I am using, YOUR gmail client. I can accept them with a full desktop browser, but not even that works on my phone's browser? Crazy. Makes me look like an idiot at work when I have to find a computer just to accept a meeting request.
  9. GeoToda

    GeoToda Lurker

    Hi StingRay,

    I applied the rules, but the appointment doesn't show in the calendar until I connect my Outlook to the Exchange server. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. itsjosh

    itsjosh Lurker

    I don't use an exchange calendar. I only use my gmail calendar. My issue surfaces when someone else sends me a calendar invite. The invite doesn't populate on my gmail calendar and I don't have the option to accept, reject or maybe it. If I go to a regular desktop computer the options are there. Just completely unaccessible from the phone!! There has got to be a fix for this. My life is in complete disarray without calendar abilities.
  11. SinfulDragon

    SinfulDragon Android Enthusiast

    Itsjosh - they send the invite to your google account right?

    I just tried it with Lotus Notes, got the email, a min or so later got the notification in my calendar, was able to reply yes from the phone.
    Was just my normal calendar
  12. Was this resolved in Android 2.3?
  13. mi97tbird

    mi97tbird Newbie

    i dont think so, i still cant accept and invite. mine dont even show up.
  14. I am able to receive MS Exchange calendar invites on my device.

    I have a Samsung note stock.
  15. Whaler1989

    Whaler1989 Lurker

    I recently purchased a Droid Razr Maxx and have a similar problem. I was researching the issue on the droid forum and found the link to this thread but the "fix" Stingray outlines above does not address the issue, at least in my case. I'm not a tech wiz but I'm smart enough to figure things out if I need to. I'd like to think this is just a "user error" but the more I look for a fix the more I think it's a bug / deficiency. I'm still within my 2 week trial period and if I can't figure this out I think I'm going iphone. ​

    Here's my issue:

    When I receive a new meeting notice on my phone from my corporate Exchange Sync account, I do not have (at least I can't find) the option to accept / reject / propose new time. I can see it's a meeting notice in my message tray and I can tell it's a meeting because it has a little person icon over on the right side. I can open the message and there's even a little button to "view meeting" but the only action I can take is "add to tasks". If I go to my calendar, I can see the meeting is there but it's marked as "tentative" and even if I open the meeting from the calendar I still do not have the option to accept / reject / propose new time.

    I'd love it if someone here tells me they have a Droid Razr (especially a Maxx) and it works for them, that way I'd know it's just a user error and if so I can figure it out. I placed a call with Verizon support, I'll let you know what they come back with.
  16. booyaw

    booyaw Lurker

    I have the exact same problem on the exact same phone (Droid Razr Maxx). Hopefully ICS will have a fix for this. If you get a fix please post!
  17. Din1987

    Din1987 Lurker

    There is a lot application in Google Store for this purpose. I like the free app "ics 2 android". You can download it from the link:
  18. Apearl13

    Apearl13 Lurker

    StingRay the below is a great fix but I have an interesting result. I am using Outlook 2013 and I can now accept or decline meeting invitations via my Droid MAXX.

    When I do the person who invited me gets my response, but in my outlook calendar on my laptop it is still grey and says I have not yet responded. No big deal to accept or decline again and say "Do Not Send" as I already might have from my Droid, but was wondering if you encountered this? Also, do you have a quick fix so Meeting invitations can be sent from my Driod and show up in Outlook via my exchange server?

    Much Appreciated!!


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