Possible Memory Leak


In Taskiller the amount of free memory is showing between 90-105mb
is this normal?

I have deleted text messages, cleared cache, deleting emails from inbox and trash etc.. I going to get rid of a few apps too, but its a bummer if I cant have many apps due to it affecting memory!

Also i understand that if flash it with the Modaco custom ROM i can create a swap partition, does this help a lot?

Also would i lose quite a lot of the HTC Hero features such as Sense UI for example if I flash it with Modaco?



Android Expert
Taskiller is showing you the amount of RAM.
Installed apps, emails, caches, inbox etc do not use RAM, they use internal storage, i.e. flash memory.
Running programs use RAM. Taskiller kills running programs.


Your android phone should run just fine with anything above 30 mb. 90-100 is not unusual for a newly rebooted phone but after a few hours of use things get placed in memory and the number goes down. Android then starts cleaning things up to keep you running around 30 mb to maintain good functionality. Everything you're experiencing Is perfectly normal.