Accessories possible to connect dhd to tv?

Omar Days

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Is it possible to do this via a cable?


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i had the same problem and the only solution was to use imediashare from the market this streams video / music / pictures via wifi then into your xbox or ps3
but the xbox or ps3 has to have wifi .
it,s very easy to set up and works a treat .
i had an email back from the developer and he told me he is working on the app being able to handle catch up tv / veetle ect ect .

hope this help :)

Omar Days

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Thanks for the replies.

I was hoping for a more simpler and less expensive way though

On my brother's old nokia you could connect the phone to the tv with just a cable. Thought you'd be able to with today's phones :(

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I don't believe there's any way of forcing the phone to send the video signal to the usb port. A non standard ROM may offer that functionality though.

I can't see any tools on the market that would help either.