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Possible to connect external HD to xoom?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leram84, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. durrence

    durrence Lurker

    Yes it is possible. I am running ICS (android 4.0.3). I ordered 2 micro sd host cables from ebay for $4.34 including shipping. They came from Hong Kong in a week. I installed USB Mass Storage Watcher from the market and my xoom now sees my flash drive at /media/usb.


  2. mrao

    mrao Member

    Yup..definitely possible..I just connected my 500GB WD HDD, and it worked like a charm on my rooted WiFi xoom running official ics..I use stickmount though...the USB watcher app tends to be a bit slow for my taste
  3. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    Are you rooted but running stock or are you running a different kernel?
  4. mrao

    mrao Member

    Rooted with stock ics
  5. Geeba

    Geeba Newbie

    Just wanted to confirm fellas... I've just bought a Xoom and love it! its stock ICS and not rooted.... can I get an OTG cable and connect my flash/HDD drives?
  6. Geeba

    Geeba Newbie

    Well cable arrived.. so I guess you cant connect USB drives without rooting as none of mine work :(
  7. leviathan937

    leviathan937 Lurker

    I updated the os to ics on my samsung gs2 and now can use my otg cable to connect thumb drives etc (still wont recognize larger hard drives but I think thats because they are not FAT32 format) i'm using v3.2 on my XOOM and does not sseem to recognize and external hard drives what so ever, I can connect a mouse and keyboard but no usb hd. Waiting for ics to be available in Aus.
    Seriously how long can it take to "test" ics on wifi only version?!
  8. silviulake

    silviulake Lurker

    Did you succeed adding USB drives with OTG table attached to your tablet ?


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