possible to encrypt a microsd card?


I've asked this in various forums, since security is the #1 issue for me. I know there are already alot of apps to protect the phones and its contents....BUT is there anything stopping a thief from simply taking out the sdcard and putting it in another phone or reader to view and access the contents of the sdcard?

If you plan on storing personal info on the card, whether it'd be photos/files etc It would be really good to know that even if the sdcard is taken they still cannot access the info.

anything out there as yet? I would've thought this is a pretty common request.

something like trycrypt or storage crypt for the microsd card would be really good.

any help would be much appreciated.
thank you


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There are apps that will let you keep some form of data (pictures, text messages, backups) in encrypted storage, but per default, Android requires the sdcard to be user-accessible and does not support encryption.

That said, it is a very good point, and definitely something that should have been implemented, at least as an option. Some linux distributions, at install-time, offer to encrypt the users' home directory. For a (home) desktop this is "merely" very nice, but for the required-but-removable storage of a mobile device it certainly seems a crucial feature, and one that's sadly missing.

I imagine that, eventually, there will be a custom ROM which will support this on the operating system level (


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I imagine that, eventually, there will be a custom ROM
Oh look, I just came across a post from a year ago, by a person who was experimenting in encrypting the storage itself (as opposed to single files).

  • The good news: He got it almost working. It certainly seems feasible, although he did not comment on performance.
  • The bad news: His phone got stolen, and unfortunately he switched to a different platform, so no more development.
More details, though not all that much more information, is here.

There's also this post, from a couple of days ago.


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I'm using MyStash to protect some files on my SD card.
But the main problem of security isn't solved.