Help Possible to go from 2.2 u/o back to 2.1?

Jun 10, 2010
I'm on the unofficial 2.2,and have haven't really had many issues. Other than battery life (which I had at 2.1) and since 4G will now connect for me I get weird stuttering with it on. I figured I'd do a hard reset to try and clear everything up.

Then I got to thinking, can I use the .exe I downloaded to reflash the phone to 2.1 (the file runs on the PC with the phone connected via USB) and then grab the OTA update? I was thinking of doing this so I can do the hard reset without having to worry about any other patches coming down, and I can move on from there.

I thought I might have seen somewhere on here that it couldn't be done, but Ithought that might apply to downloading the 2.1 zip and updating the way we did the u/o 2.2. That's why I thought I'd ask before trying the .exe restore file for 2.1. Thanks.