Possible to use the actual htc weather clock in 3rd party launcher?


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Yeah. I have an HTC phone, but you can't use any HTC widgets while using a 3rd party launcher. I don't want some inferior copy like fancy widgets or something. I want the real HTC clock widget that takes me into the HTC weather app when I touch it.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? Like an apk. of it that can be installed along side it as a 3rd party widget and won't just attempt to replace the system One?


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Like chanchan said it's part of the HTC framework. It can't be downloaded separately.
Both Beautiful Widgets and Fancy Widgets are just as robust so give em a shot.


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Thanks. I have tried both of those. I actually paid for the full version of fancy widgets too. But i just wanted one that looked like the sense style, and theirs is not made well. At least on my one v and my nexus 7 both it does not display properly no matter how i have the settings. And i liked the battery info displayed on the clock, and a separate battery widget, but it didnt work properly and kept displaying the same battery readout until i removed and redid the widgets. Just low quality overall i thought. And their clock widget, even displaying properly, just flat out does not look as sharp as the HTC one in my opinion. Oh well.


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You could look at configurable clock widgets like UCCW or mClock. There are many skins available for these, am I expect there will be something Sense-like (I don't really like the Sense clock so have never looked for that myself).


The best replica of HTC weather widget seems to be HTC Skin for GO Weather EX

It can be downloaded from Play Store
It has to be used along with GO Weather EX (which is a nice weather app) and it can be used with any launcher, not just GO Launcher...