Possible to use two cameras at the same time?

Is it possible to make it so that you can take a picture with front and back cameras simultaneously? (Exactly like the Samsung Galaxy S4 dual shot function) on perhaps older phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 (well basically any phone that has a front and back camera)?



I did a search of it online and I guess there hasn't been an app started to make it possible on other phones with two cameras. I hope someone develops an app that works like the S4's dual shot feature, but I just don't know when that'll happen.


Android Expert
I don't have a solution for you but will say I love this feature on my S4. I'm the one that takes pretty much all the family pictures and videos. So being able to pop in and out of pictures and videos is really cool. People say its a gimmick, but I believe its a really cool feature to have. (Now you can see the face behind all those awesome pictures/videos. :D