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Post your Android Desktop

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by devolio, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. **Knurpsi**

    **Knurpsi** Member

    Hi everyone :)
    Recently switched from Blackberry to Android, so it's all still very new to me. But I'm loving it already!
    From last night. I like it colorful ;) This white in white outside is driving me nuts. ;)

    I don't like the smooth calender icon very much, but I haven't found out how to change it, or if it's even possible.
  2. Jay21fire

    Jay21fire Newbie

    is this a theme or a rom i love the layout
  3. chenga

    chenga Newbie

    Looks great. The smooth calendar icon can be hidden or you might be able to change the icon using the following method:
    xda-developers - View Single Post - [THEME l MOD] Transparent widget skins. Pandora, Weather Channel, Facebook + Requests

    Instead of the background, change the icon.

    Can you tell me where you got the bit between the dock and calendar?
  4. ///Montizzle

    ///Montizzle Member

    MIUI is the ROM.

    I am running the "Black UPS darkness" theme
  5. **Knurpsi**

    **Knurpsi** Member

    Thanks for the tip with smooth calendar! I will look into it.

    The widget I used between the dock and the calendar is called "Executive Assisant Free" and can be found in the market.
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  6. twdawson

    twdawson Newbie


    My first screeshot post.

    HTC Wildfire with Froyo, Beautiful Widgets, Launcher Pro.
  7. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Android Enthusiast

    Mine is boring...

  8. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Member

    Here again something "Blue Minimalistic" ;)




    all info's widgets, wallpaper, icon's and over 50 more layouts can found on my Blog for free ;)
  9. CptGemini

    CptGemini Android Enthusiast

    Here is my latest setup. The clock widget also supports showing weather but I have it disabled to help save a bit on the battery.


    You upload them to a place like imageshack or photobucket, or you can use your own domain if you have one, its where I am saving all my images. Then you just paste the image here in the thread.
  10. lennlin

    lennlin Lurker

    do you mind sharing your wallpaper?
  11. yamaredman

    yamaredman Newbie

    Just found this forum today.

    Lots of great themes in here.





    Widget Locker with ExtDate Widget
    SwitchPro Widget
    Pure Calendar Widget
    Beautiful Widgets Weather with "boca" theme
    Whiteboard Pro (notes)
    Circle Battery Widget
  12. enigma83

    enigma83 Member

    awesome desktops ;)

    sorry to hijack . . i posted a separate thread but no one replied and since im female ill keep pestering until someone does:p

    Just wondering how you all get these effects on your desktops? Mine is as plain as anything... im using launcherpro plus.. but what sort of apps do you get from the market that help enhance your desktop and get these great effects?

    I have tried bettercut - but im obviously having a blonde moment because all that does is shortcuts - which i can do with launcherpro anyways ???

    I downloaded Desktop Visualizer at work today - ill play around with that see how it goes.

    As for Icons.. im guessing you can download packs online and then apply them? - How?

    Thanks :) :)
  13. gwcaton

    gwcaton Android Expert

    some who post list the apps they use so you might try some of them . As far as icons go you can download from the market or there are many posts in the forum that others here have made that you can download or you could take advantage of some of the apps you download and make your own http://androidforums.com/android-themes/199936-android-phone-7-theme.html
    Hope this helps some
  14. enigma83

    enigma83 Member

    Thank you... i will investigate :)
  15. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Android Enthusiast

    Some of us are used to pestering from our better halves :)
    So rather than ignoring your pestering here is a brief response.

    Many of the items on screen are Widgets downloaded from the market eg some popular ones include Simi clock, Ext date,Switchpro, circle batt, Beautiful widgets to name a few.

    Many here create their own icons and wallpapers together with additional creativity which you have referred to.
    Much of this creativity is aided by the use of for eg Adobe Photoshop or other image editing software.

    The best advice is to spend time studying the forum. Most people don't mind answering specific queries but only if the asker has at least done some research.
    Even if youre blonde :)

    For wallpapers alone you might want to try wallbase.net
    This will give you an excellent start to make that first impression on your screen.

    And to answer you're next question, use Wallpaper Set and Save to add it to the screens.
    Depending on your device the pixel size of the Wallpaper will change eg 960x800 etc.
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  16. k0smo86

    k0smo86 Android Enthusiast

  17. enigma83

    enigma83 Member

    i appreciate how you are treading carefully when you refer to us partners as the "better halves" haha ;)

    ive got the idea with widgets etc...im just wondering how you guys pull off those desktops that have shortcuts embedded in the wallpaper if u know what i mean? ?

    Niteowl i think.it was you who had the one with the silver balls and clicking on each one took you to the shortcut. Or the one with the traffic lights.

    if i could master this art i promise i will never nag again*

    *terms and conditions apply ;-)
  18. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Android Enthusiast


    It's a very simple art actually :)

    You simply use Desktop Visualiser options and select a 'transparent.png' file as your image which you then place over the relevant part of the wallpaper. In Desktop Vis you also select the appropriate shortcut to launch, and finally clear the label name that appears in the text box.

    That applies to the 'silver balls' for eg.

    (I have attached a trans.png file for you to experiment with :) )

    The traffic light uses text on the actual wallpaper and SMS Unread Count Widget to apply the unread 'bubbles'. Here also you use a transparent.png file from the SMS Unread Widget options.
    This one is a little more difficult, since you need to find the particular folder where you must place your own images or transparent image.
    The developer does give you the exact location.

    If you may have seen my Circular Widgets (which I went a liitle overboard on :D), those are actual images placed with Desktop Vis but this time selecting the image rather than a fully transparent image.

    Also to get them placed on the screen to align into a perfect circle, the Launcher Pro settings needed to be set for both Rows and Columns (10 and 7), depending on your screen size etc.

    Sorry, if this sounds overly complicated to someone new, but we all started where you are, and no doubt you'll get to not nagging pretty soon!

    In the meantime nag as much as you like, and you'll get your help here.


    PS Having noticed the examples you mention is clear proof you have spent time here.

    If you wish to go to my gallery, and if anything may strike your fancy, I would be happy to take you through the process in creating.

    Attached Files:

  19. DiscoHam

    DiscoHam Newbie

    Dude this looks sick!! Please let me know where you got those icons :)

  20. Has anyone else noticed that the circle batt fits under battstat quite nicely and with the circle options, there are lots of possibilities..


    and since I am here.. here's the rest of mine.. not as slick as most here, but:



    I noticed a lot of people modding widget locker, how difficult is it? How about just changing the icons in the existing sliders?
  21. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Member

    OK here i have something WP7 like with a small touch Gingerbred ;)




    all info's widgets, wallpaper, icon's and over 50 layouts mor can found on my Blog for free ;)
  22. rnj79

    rnj79 Newbie

    I'm so happy to have fellow girls here!! Its hard being an avid phone junkie and female at the same time...
  23. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    Could you share your png for lockscreen and icons in homescreen ?
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