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Post your bugs or annoyances.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by harsaphes, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thought I would start this so we can have a general area to post in.

    Rotation doesnt always happen like it should. Though this has happened on every phone I have used that has this capability.

    Entering test doesnt always work. I have had this happen a few more times than I like and I cant figure out what triggers it. I will reply to a text and not be able to enter text in the box. I have to restart the phone or quit the application and re-enter it.

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  2. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yesterday my "messages" icon would not respond. I had to restart the phone in order to send a text.
  3. smitty24

    smitty24 Android Enthusiast

    LED in top right doesnt work for messages/emails/etc....only track ball. only thing i dislike so far. other than that, this runs circles around my mt3g
  4. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    having not bought one yet (waiting for UK release) I'm just going to completely avoid this thread. So far the worst I've heard is "the lid almost came off the box". Ok, a couple of others, but nothing that isn't fixable with OS updates. *plugs fingers in ears* i'm not listening, i can't hear you.... mmmm, ignorance is definitely bliss!

    but yes, good plan to post these. for those not as determined as I to only read good things this will be very helpful. I've not read about many bugs yet, apart from "laggy" screen, but that is subjective perhaps.
  5. AndroidsOfTara

    AndroidsOfTara Android Enthusiast

    I checked the TMO coverage maps for where I spend most of my time. The map indicated "best" for both voice and 3G.

    I ordered an unsubsidized phone on Tuesday and got it Wednesday.

    I used it all day on wifi and was amazed at how fast and smooth the phone is.

    I picked up a SIM card from TMO, went home and was severely disappointed. One or two bars in my house and "3G" slower than a 300 baud modem.

    The Moto Droid that I have until the 13th to decide to keep or not was sitting right next to the N1 had full bars and extremely speedy 3G.

    The Nexus One is unfortunately being returned.

    This may be the cause of my 3G problems:

    Does the Nexus One Have 3G Problems? - Android - Gizmodo

    I don't have time to deal with fighting between HTC and TMO over who's fault it is.

    I'll wait for the VZW version and get that.
  6. phobic

    phobic Android Enthusiast

    My only gripe is with the external speaker. The Droid I have is much, much louder than the nexus one that I have now. Haven't been able to test call quality yet but I have 3g in most of the places that I go to with T-Mobile.
  7. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Android Expert

    Can u explain what u mean with the screen rotation? Is it laggy? All the time or just on rare occasions? I ask because everybody else who commented on this said it has been pretty automatic.
  8. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I believe Engadget reported that HTC skimped a little in certain areas, notably the phone's external speaker, although it was still better than the iPhone. But other reviewers have also commented that the ext. speaker is poor sounding (tinny, distorted at high volumes, etc.)
  9. rynowhi

    rynowhi Newbie

    My biggest annoyance is the whole Exchange/Android deal. Somehow I missed that it isn't native and just assumed that any "superphone" would do something that phones have been doing for the past decade... :rolleyes:. I understand using Touchdown, but come on, $20 for something that should be the first thing integrated into a smartphone is pretty ridiculous in my view.

    On the positive side, Google Goggles is awesome if you deal with a lot of business cards. I'd say its working about 75% flawlessly with two layouts that don't work very well.

    Debating whether or not I'm going to pay $20 for exchange or pay $45 for returning the phone. As I told my friends, the phone as it comes is marginally better, at best, than other phones available. Its the hardware and the future of the phone that is more exciting as the community matures since its already got enough specs to live on for a year or two without needing to upgrade. I love the phone, but being an early adopter may not jive with my need to be functional at work.
  10. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Exchange was "native" for the DROID because it was a business decision between Motorola, VZW and Google. VZW/Motorola wanted to appeal to those who would be using it that would otherwise go to a BB, so Exchange was added. Since the N1 is not attempting to appeal to those buyers, it was a non-consideration. I think it's bunk and should be included no matter who you're "targeting." Because, you want to have a broad reach of consumers. Why do they believe an Exchange user would appreciate a keyboard form factor 100% of the time? Oversight in my opinion.
  11. rynowhi

    rynowhi Newbie

    Exactly. I don't email from my phone often for exchange purposes, but I work from my calendar. I have to input dates on exchange, adding it to my phone calendar is now an extra step that just irritates me.

    Even with that annoyance that completely hinders my work experience, I guess it says how much I actually do like the phone since I'm still leaning towards keeping it.
  12. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I can tell you this much: From the DROID community, we're hoping not to LOSE our Exchange capability once we get updated to 2.1. I know VZW and MOTO have been working on a maintenance update that's supposed to improve our Exchange experience. I hope we keep it because if we lose it, I'll be an unhappy camper.
  13. rookie1082

    rookie1082 Member

    I have this issue too, but I don't restart the phone. If you just rotate the phone to landscape mode, you can then enter text in the box. If you start off in landscape mode, rotate it to "portrait" (?) mode and you should be able to enter text then, also.
  14. James Bell

    James Bell Member

    - The soft buttons frequently require 2-3 tries to work right, hope software update can fix this.

    - Still no signature in imap/pop mail app, argghhhhhh!

    - No easy way to sync music with a PC

    - The camera app (or something) deleted the photos in my DCIM folder on my microSD card. The photos were from my previous android phone, never would have dreamed something would blow them away without warning
  15. rookie1082

    rookie1082 Member

    The soft buttons are known to be a little mis-calibrated. You have to hit a little bit above the icon of the softkey for it to work. It was annoying at first, but i've gotten used to it. I'm almost positive that this can be addressed with a software update.

    To sync music on a pc, i've found a program that lets me sync devices with itunes. I forget what it's called and i'm not at home right now so i'll have to get the name later, but it's done a great job so far... Better than having nothing.
  16. wmm

    wmm Android Enthusiast

    Auto-rotation works pretty well for me -- except that it only works counter-clockwise. If I rotation the phone 90 degrees clockwise (as I'd prefer when it's plugged in charging, so I have the connector through my left hand -- I'm right-handed), there's no rotation. Not a big deal, but my previous phone/browser were able to do that just fine.
  17. atlshawn

    atlshawn Lurker

    Auto-Rotation is definitely frustrating. At times it works great, other times is slow, and sometimes it just doesn't work at all.

    Voice recognition for sms and directions usually works great - loving that feature.

    Battery life sucks but that's the way of life when carrying around a handheld computer.

    How about a little research into "super" batteries... We can get 40mpg out of a 3-ton vehicle but we can't design a battery to last longer than a day???
  18. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    Touchscreen calibration/the niggling problem between software and accelerometer recognition--whatever it is, it's annoying sometimes. You know, when you press somewhere and the screen registers way below where you press. Ouch. It's the most urgent thing for me that needs fixing.
  19. markouk

    markouk Android Enthusiast

    I strongly agree on this point. I thought it would appear in the main forum but I don't see it. I think others will be experiencing this too. I see it most when I'm lying in bed and have the phone about 45 degrees and try using the touchscreen. It happens in the browser, emulators, etc.

    It seems as though the sensor is jumping from portrait to landscape and back again when held at that angle. I thought they'd have put a dead zone (say +/- 10 degrees) in so that it didn't get itself all confused.

    This is more than likely why it jumps from each orientation and back very quickly compared to iPhones for example. It's probably anything >45 degrees tilt enables landscape orientation and likewise <45 degrees enables portrait.

    If the 10 degrees was implemented it wouldn't make a huge amount of difference unless you were playing a game or something but you should be able to set it in that application.

    Regardless of what I've just said, I still think the orientation management is flaky. Even if the phone has been landscape then switched to portrait, it can sometime think it's still in landscape.
    Hopefully that'll get a reboot with the next patch.
  20. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    The problem's come up a few times on this forum, but lately not probably because people've gotten used to/resigned themselves to it for the moment.

    On the note of the next patch: I can't be the only one who obsessively checks the phone's internal storage. I get slightly batty when I see there's "only" about 120 MB left and leap to clear the browser catch. App2SD please, Google. I'll even take that before the kernel update that lets us use 100MB+ more RAM.
  21. Fastmhz

    Fastmhz Member

    1) Copy & Paste email content
    2) Pinch & Zoom email attachments by multitouch
    3) Fix the screen issues (ie. registering the wrong keys from the onscreen keyboard)
    4) Fix the home keys (back, option, home and search) requires to be pressed slightly above the icon and even then it doesn't register correctly
    5) Be able to turn off the shutter sound of the camera ONLY.
    6) Add options to change the color of the trackball (ie text message turns blue, email turns green, etc)
    7) Fix 3G issue for users that are still having issues
    8) The pink spot when taking a picture of a white background up close
    9) Make the external speaker a bit louder

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