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Post your Version number VS. probelms 43/09

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dre2k2.0, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Dre2k2.0

    Dre2k2.0 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello all....I know we've all done this in the very beginning of the phone's launch....but im just curious to see what peoples' experiences have been with the different manufacturing versions or period timestamps out there.....

    Personally...i started with Version 39/09...and from the onset....despite claims in the earlier posts i had no issues.....alot of people had severe issues with that same version....i remember within the first week or so...many had exchanged their devices and were ending up with 44/09's and higher....and had less problems....

    It has since been a while since the launch and even though the number you get is purely hit or miss...based on stock batch availability,store branch or location bought etc....im curious as to the number of people having issues with their phones as compared to their the manufacture number....

    As i said i started with a 39/09...but just a few days before the end of my 30 day WFG....i had an issue with the notification bar being stuck and needless to say i ran into the closest store for an exchange while i still could...I now have version 43/09.....noticed better sliding capability of the keyboard...plus i had a little squeaky noise where the haptic keys were....none of that now....plus its hard to say...but i seem to have had better battery life with the older 39/09 version....

    All in all...exchanging for a better version right before the 2.01 update was a good idea...now i have no issues with the newer one...(Knock on wood!!...lol)

    The funny thing is that its soo random....that i could've exchanged my 39/09 almost a full month after getting it...and could've very well have ended up with another 39/09....go figure...lol :D

    What version do you have???? / feedback??

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  2. obutto

    obutto Android Enthusiast

    -Loose Hinge
    -Loose Keys (on physical keyboard, you could feel the ends of the keys)
    -Slight processor lag

    -Strong hinge
    -Good slide

    Watching for more issues. Got mine replaced today.

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