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Posting Pictures to Facebook Fan Pages

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dryslot, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. dryslot

    dryslot Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For the sake of simplicity, the pages on facebook that you "Like", I will refer to them as 'fan pages' (old name).

    I am admin of a fan page (which doesn't matter since everyone can post photos/videos). How can I upload photos from my phone to this page? The phone's 'Touch' page and 'Mobile' page will only allow me to upload to my profile, but that's not what I want. When I go to the fan page using the 'Touch' or 'Mobile' page, it never gives me option to upload photos, only to view them. I tried using the normal 'Full' facebook page on my phone but it just says "Upload Disabled" because I'm not on a PC.

    Can someone explain how I can upload a photo to a fan page? This was one of the bigger reasons I got this phone.

  2. TheSultan

    TheSultan Android Expert

    I used to have a "Photo Scavenger Hunt" facebook group (in fact, it's still there but I don't think anyone is in to it anymore) and we wanted to be able to do that. The best fix we found, which isn't a great fix at all, is to upload the pic to your own profile, and then share it to the group page wall.

    It's a crappy way of doing things, but I searched and searched and searched and found nothing better.
  3. dryslot

    dryslot Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I don't understand how to "Share" it. Lets take, for example, a picture I have already in an album on my profile. I click "Share" but (even on a PC) my only option is to just post it to my own wall.
  4. Ansen

    Ansen Newbie

    The only way I've found is to upload your pictures via e-mail.

    Click "Edit Page" on your fan page. Now find where it says "mobile" and click "edit". There should be an e-mail address listed here - mine is glaze780*****@m.facebook.com. You can send your photo or video as an attachment to that e-mail address (put captions in the subject line), and it will post it to your fan page wall.

    Hope that helps!
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  5. dryslot

    dryslot Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks man! I've never seen that option before, since I just click "Browse" so quick on my PC!
  6. n8n_t

    n8n_t Lurker

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  7. katone

    katone Newbie

    thank you n8n_t! your app is unique, option to upload photos to specific folders would make it untouchable.
  8. lukeyb27

    lukeyb27 Lurker

    I just tried this on my Photon, and it seemed to work just fine if you have the Facebook for Android app installed on your phone:

    • Open the Facebook app.
    • Click on your "Search" button (or press "Back" once and then hit the Search button in the upper right corner of the FB app).
    • When search opens up, click "Pages" on the bottom, in the middle.
    • Your pages should come up first on the list.
    • When you click on the page you're looking to upload to, it brings up the profile.
    • From there, you can click on the camera icon and upload a picture to the Fan Pages wall, as the page.
    • This doesn't allow you to choose a folder or album to upload to, but it will post it to "Wall Photos" as the page (not as your individual account).

    That should be it, unless I'm missing something or this discussion is old because people figured it out...
  9. kunamiya

    kunamiya Lurker

    im using ChaCha !
    Just brought yesterday , I would like to ask , how to use the cha cha to update my facebook fanpage ? without using email ? any other method ? i like the (f) button on the chacha , to update the facebook just a click away , but cant update the Fan Pages

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