potential new phone?

from the annoucement that came from tmobile about the new jump program (if you havent heard about jump! yet u need to :) )and the xperia z coming soon, i was considering purchasing this device.
Coming from a note 2, do you recommend the xperia z?


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Lol I like the phone, I dont use s pen that much for me its impractical. Either that or I forget to use it when I need to write something :p . Really the phone two biggest pros for me are the big screen and battery life.

I wasnt sure yet if the new xperia (I think its zl) would be coming to tmobile or not..which would be perfect :)


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Obviously I am a bit biassed but, the Xperia Z is a real nice phone. However if you're not looking at getting one yet and do like big phones, how about the Xperia Z Ultra?