May 5, 2010
Keep getting this error message even when using the official verizon one. Think my phone is broken? Any ideas what I should do? I even did a hard reset and it still gives me the error. Can't sync with my computer at all. Most likely will have to go ask for an exchange but that will take a few weeks of waiting...
Don't know what kind of phone you have (mine's a Moto Droid). But if it's a micro-usb connection at the phone end, any micro-usb cord should work, including Verizon's. The Verizon rep I dealt with said that the industry is standardizing a lot of this kind of thing so that there won't be 30 different power tips for 30 devices. If yours is micro-usb or mini-usb and you have a second cord that the phone doesn't like, then I would definitely take your phone in.

Hope this helps!
Sorry to dig up a month old thread, but my phone is doing this right out of the box. It basically says the adapter is not the factory one and it will damage the phone. It charges anyway and it IS the adapter that came with the phone so I don't know what the issue is.
try a few things.
1. factory reset on the phone
2. try different cable (sometimes the wires are not crimped well in the conector
3. try different power plug (I know that wont help with the computer sync but somtimes the USB connection is not making decent contact)
Hope this helps
Not that I like digging up old threads, but... has there been any resolution to this? I'm getting the same error:

"The power adapter you connected is not compatible. To avoid damaging your phone, please disconnect it now. Be sure that you only use manufacturer-supplied power adapters with your phone. [OK]"
Here's some info - I had to get a replacement for my DInc, and got remanufactured one in it's place. I have 4 or 5 different cables (USB to mini USB, AC to mini USB, OEM USB to mini USB, etc). They all work with my original device. The AC versions work with both. The USB to mini USB will only work with my laptop, but not with any of my PC's (at work, or 2x at home). I haven't changed anything on my PC's, and can't change anything on my work PC, so something is different with the new device. I think it's safe to say it's not the cable, and not the PC.

Any suggestions?
Talked to a rep / tech tonight. She was nice, said that the port wasn't recognized by the device (duh!). She didn't say it, but it's pretty clear that the driver isn't installed properly, or is running an incompatible version. She sent me a new phone (that'll be my 3rd!)