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General Power Button Issue!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by noodles317, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. noodles317

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    Apr 19, 2010

    Apr 19, 2010
    I got my Senastion 23/08/11 from Vodafone UK and the moment i turned it on i had the power button issue be it the screen continuously coming back on until i push the button on average 3 times or the random screen shot taking until i repressed it.

    Anyway looked into this issue on multiple forums and tried everything except physically changing the phone with the "spacer" as i was of the opinion that it was only a month old and i wasn't about to physically change the phone without Vodafone seeing it first!

    I have tried resetting the phone a total of 10 times aswell as reconfiguring it with all my app reinstalls/unistalls etc and i even tried the flash player update that was mentioned but after doing all of this on Thursday i finally said enough is enough as it made no difference what so ever and took it back to the shop.

    I was lucky enough to walk into the shop and be dealt with a couple of really helpful people and was literally just giving a brand new phone which as you can imagine i was happy about.

    Now for the interesting bit, i turned the phone on and noticed straight away that the power button is sitting higher on the top of the handset and thought "hmmm" and put it down to it being a brand new handset and continued on with testing everything. I found all the issues have dissapeared with the power button and also the handset as a whole is a lot quicker after installing all my apps so was very very happy.

    Anyway after playing with the handest for a whaile i started looking at the physical handset features according to the pictures various people have put up on sites, and have found the power button mech on the phone and the back cover are different and seem to be a whole lot stronger on my handset, so i am wondering if HTC have recognised the fault and upgraded the mechanism for all new handsets.

    Not sure if this helps anyone but it has been for me at least a physical problem with the phone and i though that i would put up my findings for everyone.

    I also don't seem to have the widget reloading continuously aswell and have only turned the phone off once since i got it yesterday and that was only cause i wanted to test something so as i say i think all the newish handsets seem to have been upgraded to deal with all the issues that everyone seems to be having or it may have something to do with the Sensation XE that is imminent, i have no idea as i am just guessing but i wanted to put this up for everyone who believe it to be either a physical or software issue.

    Hope this helps some people................now back to my cave to continue testing my new awesome handset!!!


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