Help Power Saving Settings


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I know there are other threads about this, but I didn't see one that relates to the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 so here goes.

On this setting there are 2 options, CPU power saving and Screen power saving..

The first Limits the maximum performance of the CPU, and to be honest I do notice a difference when using some apps if I have this enabled which is good, but my concern is with the second option for Screen power saving, in the Learn about Power saving it clearly states that when this option is selected it will reduce the screen frame rate and lowers the brightness, well I can say when I select this option on my phone the brightness doesn't alter one little bit, not too sure if the frame rate alters either.

I know for sure as if I have the brightness set to full and select the second option as well as seeing the brightness stay the same the brightness pointer remains in the same place too which proves my point

Anyone else notice this either on this phone or another galaxy model :thinking:


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Does the phone have an "auto" screen brightness setting? If so, try that with the screen saving poser setting.