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Poweramp - Best Music Player on Android?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by viebroccoli, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. viebroccoli

    viebroccoli Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey all,

    I've been an Android user for about a year and a half, and the only beef I have with it is a solid music player. In my earlier days of Android, I went with the lazy route of using DoubleTwist to sync my iTunes with Android. But now, I'm noticing there are much better players out there, specifically Poweramp. I've tried tons of others, and Poweramp stands head and shoulders above all. EQ settings, skinnable, snappy, and best of all, has the clearest audio quality (in my opinion of course).

    However, the only issue I've noticed with it, is for some reason I can't get my playlists to sync. I just started moving to Winamp over iTunes as my desktop media player, and I'm syncing my phone through the Winamp desktop media player. I sync a couple playlists on Winamp, and all the songs on those playlists are transferred to the phone. However, the actual playlists themselves are lost, and the songs I transferred are all thrown into the library of the phone. So, I can still listen to each and every song I transfer over, but the hours of organization I put into making playlists is gone.

    I've searched everywhere for a solution to this problem, but I haven't found an answer yet. Is anyone else noticing a similar problem, or is this just an easy fix that I'm not seeing?

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  2. viebroccoli

    viebroccoli Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nobody has a clue?
  3. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Android Expert

    i always had issues with playlists and poweramp ever since it came out. its a great player but without playlists, i wasn't for me.

    with unlimited data, and google music, i haven't had any reason to check out other players.

    i do love ubermusic though...love the Zune interface so much...but having everything in google music limits me to the built in player :(
  4. viebroccoli

    viebroccoli Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Poweramp advertises it supports playlists, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get them on there. I would like to stick with Poweramp, but if I can't find out how to do this simple task soon, I'll have to move on.

    What does unlimited data have to do with Google Music? Are you storing your music in the cloud, and streaming it off of the cloud? Although I have paid for 100% of my songs :rolleyes:, I read torrented music cannot be uploaded to the cloud. So, because I don't agree with the principle of unallowing torrented music to the cloud, I refuse to upload my 100% paid for music to it :D.

    As far as other players go, I gave a ton of other players a shot (I think I tried UberMusic), and all of them did not have the same sound quality of Poweramp, except Google Music. The best ones I gave the most attention to were Poweramp, Google Music, Winamp, and PlayerPro. Winamp and PlayerPro both didn't sound as clear as Poweramp and Google Music.

    But tell me, are you completely satisfied with the built in player? Is there anything you wish it had? What program do you use on your desktop/laptop to sync with your phone? Do all of your songs sync, or are there a couple that are left behind for some unknown reason? Does the music mute when you get a notification or call? Thanks!
  5. BzB

    BzB Android Enthusiast

    to create a playlist go to your library and long press and album or a single song. an option list will pop up and add to playlist will be one of the options.

    imo poweramp is the best music player on android at the moment. ics compatible, lots of features, good support.

    edit - just noticed you were asking about syncing playlists...in that sense i have no clue. i've found in the past that trying to sync playlists between different apps or platforms doesn't work that well or work at all. good luck!
  6. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Android Expert

    yes, i have all my music (roughly 10,000 songs) in the cloud and only stream it to my phone. i have plenty of room on my phone for all of them, but i like having my stuff available on my phone, tablet, work PC and home laptop.

    and i know for a fact torrented music can be uploaded....my...uh....friend told me ;)
  7. viebroccoli

    viebroccoli Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Agreed, that is why I really don't want to leave Poweramp. There are so many features, and not to mention how polished the layout is. The playlist issue is literally the ONLY thing holding me back, but I may just go ahead and remake them all on the phone. However, I have heard of people losing their created playlists while syncing to their computer, or when Poweramp rescans their library. If so, that would make me cry. I didn't even cry when I saw Titanic. So, yeah.
  8. viebroccoli

    viebroccoli Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    At only 30 GB of storage, I'm a believer of the cloud. When you stream from the cloud, do you have to be in a 4G/3G area to not get any skips? That's just about the only thing I'm worried about, but if cloud has been hyped this much for so long, I'm sure it rarely happens. Also, I'm assuming your songs aren't what you're listening to when streaming from the cloud; isn't it Google's copy of that song? In other words, when you upload to the cloud, Google checks what song it is, then allows you to stream their version of the song from the cloud. I'm assuming their issuing a 256 KBPS version, which is better and worse than some people's torrented music.
  9. jezzalenko

    jezzalenko Lurker

    This is my only issue with Android (That Ive come across) Its bugging the hell out of me too. There must be a way and I will find it........
  10. Ganon007

    Ganon007 Lurker

    Try copying the actual playlist file to you music directory and open it through PowerAmp.
    I'm using PowerAmp as well and I like it a lot!
    Way better then the stock player...
  11. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    Moved to Android Applications.
  12. VTENGR

    VTENGR Well-Known Member

    I've been using GoneMad Music player ... it seemed to support my iTunes playlist better than PowerAmp and DoubleTwist. Too many times have I tried to play a playlist using PA or DT and it wasn't there, or the playlist was incomplete. GoneMad has worked very well. However, I'm going to switch to google music when I get home since it looks like it supports iTunes playlist too - which was the only feature I care about because I have several "smart" playlist that I use through iTunes.
  13. trondis23

    trondis23 Newbie

    I have PowerAmp. I don't use it, because I found a much better one - Neutron. Some don't like it's UI. But if musical features and sound is what matters most, I don't think any other Android players can beat it.
  14. aysiu

    aysiu Android Expert

    I use iSyncr to sync up iTunes playlists to Android, and PowerAmp seems to recognize them just fine.
  15. Wazhai

    Wazhai Lurker

    sorry, double post
  16. Wazhai

    Wazhai Lurker

    I tried many players and in the end I chose PlayerPro. It looks very good and does everything I need. It has minor UI usability problems (small and a bit hard to reach "back to library" and "play queue buttons") but other than that it's perfect. Has lots of skins, GREAT customization options, nice lock screen controls and widget. The feature I like the most is the ability to hide browsers you don't use. That was one of the problems I had with other players - I only ever need to browse artists, songs and folders. My album tags are a mess so it's especially nice that I can directly display all songs of a given artist by clicking, skipping the album selection all other players have. I use it together with Equalizer and it's all I need.
  17. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Yes, +1 for PlayerPro
  18. Zebulon

    Zebulon Android Enthusiast

    Jet Audio is a good music player that is comparable to PA, but it will do playlists as well. It has its quirks, too, though. For example, I occasionally can't get it to recognize all the songs on an album.

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