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May 25, 2011
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I remember when I had the stock ROM I was able to shut off my phone with USB cable in place and it would reboot into a battery indicator screen.
After flashing to cm7, 2 different roms, I can't charge the phone with it not ruining the OS unless I leave it in recovery.

I prefer the indicator screen because the charge was far faster than charging under OS with airplane mode, etc. and I don't want to mistakenly hit an option while in recovery charging.
So is there an app or anyway to get that back while on cm7?
yeah.. plugged into my computer it literally charges about 8-10% an hour.. but plugged into a wall charger phone charges in about 1.5-2 hours.. good thing i have plenty of mini usb cables around lol
Use the powersave governor when charging....the phone will use less power thus allowing a "rapid charge". Make sure that the min cpu frequency is under 300mhz. Almost all cm ports I've played with on various models charge slow but this trick helps me out when I don't have long to charge my phone.
the only thing i miss about my huawei ascend.. i could charge it in an hour or so.. and it would last me almost 3 days with CM6 on it.. wish this phone was like that lol